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Author H. D. Huddle

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About the Author


H.D. Huddle was born and raised in rural Missouri near the Kansas border. She is the second oldest of five children and comes from a long line of writers and creative minds. As a daydreamer with a curious mind, she began writing in the sixth grade in school and has been writing ever since. By her side is her husband Jim and son Bruce, who are ever-supportive and curious to see what she will come up with next.

A life-long fan of horror and science-fiction, she uses her creativity and experience thinking outside the normal lines to imagine worlds beyond her own. Also a fan of fantasy sword and spell-casting games, monsters, magic, angels, languages and the occult, she weaves the “what-ifs” of life into spell-binding stories that fully engulf the reader’s imagination. With emerald eyes that look toward the sky every night and wonders what is out there at the end of the day, she dreams up the next adventure her characters can begin and what enchantment they might find to share with the reader. Fascinated with time, space and alternate possibilities, her mind set is on a wide track to encompass the universe and beyond. Convinced there is no such thing as “coincidence”, she always tries to reach past the obvious and look deeper into the meaning of life’s little quirks.

The Hands of Thyme


Author: H. D. Huddle

Paperback ISBN: 9781919812015

eBook ISBN: 9781949812022

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 10/15/2018

In 1911 the ethereal world awakens after a century of rest as it has done countless times before. Chosen to represent the balance between good and evil on Earth, it is left in the hands of a seemingly ordinary human woman to claim the final victory of a battle that has waged since the beginning of time. With a hybrid soul that may not be entirely human, she is left to decipher clues bequeathed to her with nowhere to turn for answers. A legacy dumped in her lap, Margaret Glover finds herself at the epicenter of a war for universal balance, though she is wholly unsuspecting. As she unravels the mystery surrounding an heirloom which contains what is potentially the answers to every question she’s ever had, she must figure out who she is and the extent of her powers. Will Margaret be able to endure this burdening task to maintain the universal balance? Or will she succumb to the seduction of the evil that lurks within her blood?

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