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Author Dan Porosoff

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About the Author


Dan Porosoff is a New Yorker, born and raised. He thinks the best stories are the ones that truly envelop you into another world, taking you out of reality, and giving you the experience of listening to a campfire ghost story… He can only hope to provide that feeling in his work! Dan’s favorite genres to write in are horror/thriller, action-adventure, and mystery. In his free time, Dan enjoys watching movies, playing video games, creating YouTube videos, and art.

The Phantom Days of Odtown


Authors: Dan Porosoff

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261747

eBook ISBN: 9798891261754

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 3/25/2024

Private investigator Richter Raymond suspects that his best friend, Evan Pardo, has gone missing. As he investigates the potential disappearance, he begins to fall down a rabbit hole of the strange and unnatural, leading him to a certain off-the-grid, seaside village. The peculiar town has a local superstition that every year, just before the summer solstice, the town experiences an extra day which nobody remembers the next. Richter must confront his beliefs, insecurities, and prejudices as he ventures into the eerie and macabre Maine coast to not only find and rescue Evan, but to also uncover the mysteries of what exactly the Phantom Days of Odtown are.

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