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Author David Orange

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About the Author


DAVID ORANGE had four novels published by houses and a biographical athlete book- Long John- the Longest Stride, in 2021. His next novel, coming out in 2024, a Thriller, is Below Level 7. Also, as a screenplay writer, two have been optioned with ChuckleHead, which is currently under development by Movicorp Media, Los Angeles.


Orange, also an actor, has twice co-starred in plays on the Broadway stage, numerous television Guest Star roles, and featured parts in several films, among them Star Trek VI- the Undiscovered Country, where he portrayed a humorous character, the Drunken Sleepy Klingon.

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Below Level 7


Author: David Orange

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date to be determined

Sam Dawson, a former Army Special Forces sergeant, still dealing with the bitter failure of his last mission, a bullet wound to his chest, and his wife divorcing him, is supposedly hunting big game on a northern New Mexico Indian reservation. Sam has gone there to pull the trigger on his empty existence.

Sam's college coed daughter is suspicious of her father's erratic, drunken behavior and decides to pay him a surprise visit. When she vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Sam races into action, energized with a new purpose. At the abduction site, after a quick and fruitless search, the police stall Sam's efforts and seek to blame the local Indians. 

But an aged Indian native points Sam to a mesa-topped mountain looming in the distance—where his wife was abducted years ago, never seen again. Together, the stubborn efforts of these very different men will unlock the mountain's deep, dark secret, and Sam must save his daughter from a sickening fate and himself from a horrifying cover-up in American history.

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