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Author Denise Gardner

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About the Author


Denise Gardner resides in beautiful Mid-Michigan with her extremely patient and supportive husband. Nearby are her loving children and adorable grandbabies. Denise enjoys a very warm and close relationship with her parents and sisters, who also live close by. She divides her time between family, writing, and her other love, animals. Denise and her husband own a small pet grooming shop in Owosso, Michigan, and a house full of pets. Credit for Denise beginning her writing career goes to fellow WCP author Ren Loomis when she said to just “DO IT.”

One Crazy Summer


Author: Denise Gardner

Print ISBN:    9781950890842

eBook ISBN:  9781950890859

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date 3/1/2015

After reaching a particularly low point in her dreary existence, 24-year-old Camille Reardon decides it’s time for a change. Having spent her life as an attractive, yet plus size young lady, she many times found herself bullied and tormented. Over the course of the summer, every aspect of her world will become transformed.


Cam meets a group that will become great friends. They see her as a wonderful and worthy human being. Included is Jax Waldron, a passionate and oh so handsome bar singer. The group is inadvertently stranded together on an island, and must all work as a team to stay alive. Cam will face many dangers and fears during the summer, but none frighten her more than the feelings she has begun to experience towards Jax…

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