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Author G. E. Dabbs

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About the Author


The Author: G. E. Dabbs, better known as Glenn E. Dabbs, Sr., is a retired school teacher who taught in Lowndes County, Troy City, Bibb County, Jefferson County, and lastly, Shelby County Schools at Linda Nolen Learning Center. He served as a Special Education teacher and also director of the Alternative School in Bibb County. He is a graduate of Munford High School, Jacksonville State University with a BS, and Troy University with a double master's degree in Education. He has served as a homebound instructor since retiring, providing educational pursuits for students who can’t attend public school. He also retired from the Army Reserve with 38 years of military service including three years in Germany and three combat tours in Iraq where his highest decoration was the Meritorious Service Metal, the Bronze Star equivalent for desk jockeys. He retired as a Senior Chaplain Assistant. He has published two novels; Lucy’s Treasure, a historical novel based on a true story; and Captive of Circumstances, a fantasy novel written after his late son’s request that he write a story about him. He has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul and two other anthologies. He also published articles in the syndicated news column, “The Front Porch,” and contributed frequently to the monthly newspaper at Camp Victory Complex in Baghdad in 2008, the “Chaplain’s Corner.”

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Three Dabbs Boys and the American


Author: G. E. Dabbs

Paperback ISBN:

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Genre: Historical Fiction Adventure

Release Date to be determined

Allow me to present a seafaring adventure of three boys, sixteen, fourteen, and twelve, sold into bondage in 1776 aboard the British Naval ship, the HMS Culloden. It is an endeavor starting on the ship’s maiden voyage as it enters the colonies' rebellion in the American Revolution. The story ventures into the open seas like the great novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The shock of being sold into such an experience by their beloved mother gives them little time to deal with the trauma of the endeavor. The sudden thrust into sailoring takes the boys by the seat of their pants into the world of sea challenges and danger. Live the life of these three boys from one adventure to another, bonded to that ship as long as it sails.

Things take a turn toward a different path when the ship runs aground on Long Island in New York, and they volunteer to remain on the ship as the rest of the crew escapes the approaching French Navy with the assignment to light the explosives in the hull of the ship and flee for their lives as the ship is boarded by hostile French marines. One escape from danger and bondage brought capture by the colonists and sent to General George Washington’s forces across the bay. Using wit and survival skills, convincing the captures they are pirates washed ashore, they manage to join the colonial army as cannoneers.

Their expert cannon assignment aboard the HMS Culloden brings them good favor, finding the French had finally arrived, joining the fight in full force, carrying a significant resupply of newly designed rifled cannons to the battlefield. From seafaring men to artillery men, they continued their adventure. George Washington moved his forces south to take on an exhausted British force under General Cornwallis. Using the French Navy to blockade, reinforced soldiers on the ground, they pin Cornwallis down at the port city of Yorktown, and the cannons rang a constant bombardment on the tattered army rendering an eventual surrender of Britain’s seasoned forces.

This story, told to this writer by his late grandfather, a historical fiction manuscript takes the given account and matches the research of the only British naval ship to shipwreck and sinking during the American Revolution. The story unfolds outlined by the authentic voyages of the HMS Culloden, the historically short five and a half years at sea, and the three ancestors of this author; their adventures come alive in growing up challenges, angry at their situation, but determined to stick together with hopes of one day being free.

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