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Author Ian Hayes

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About the Author


Ian Hayes with his best friend, Dollar, at Possum's Creek. An imaginary name for a piece of land where they walked daily and the story became real.

Ian began writing at an early age and studied at Julliard in New York. An avid investor, he trades both stocks and foreign exchange. He's visited twenty-three countries and lived abroad for several years. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and enjoys golf, boating, and spending time with his family at local theme parks. His next book, The Five Corners, delivers the second volume of The Dark One trilogy.

The Dark One

Author: Ian Hayes

Paperback ISBN: 9781953271938

eBook ISBN: 9781953271945

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 04/19/2021

Bone-chilling suspense!

Thirteen-year-old Jake Morgan falls into a mud-pit guarding the last gateway to the underworld. A dark and hideous region; the lower astral realm offers little to no escape.


Four teenage Wiccans agree to invoke the Spirit to find their missing brother. The Spirit tells them Jake is alive, and what they can do to save him, but something terrible has risen from the mud-pit. The Vepar, a demon from below, walks the streets of Bridgeport looking for Brenna and the other three witches. Invoking the Spirit can get rid of the Vepar, but the four girls will have to do the Dark One's bidding, and one of them may die trying.

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