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Author Joe Powers

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About the Author


Joe Powers is a Canadian horror writer and long-time fan of the genre. From his introduction to the genre when he watched Bride of Frankenstein on a stormy Saturday night at the age of six, he’s been hooked ever since. Hundreds - or maybe thousands - of horror movies later, that one still ranks among his favorites. Among his many inspirations he lists Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, Peter Benchley, and Richard Matheson. In his own stories he enjoys introducing the reader to flawed, believable characters and leading them on dark journeys with unexpected twists. He isn’t afraid to mix and match genres, fearlessly weaving horror into noir, western, or sci fi.

Joe’s short stories have appeared in various anthologies and collections, both at home and abroad. Terror in High Water is his debut novel. In his spare time he's a dog lover, avid hockey fan, and creative writing instructor. He lives in New Brunswick with his wife, Sheryl, and an assortment of furry creatures. Follow Joe at

Terror in High Water


Author: Joe Powers

Paperback ISBN: 9781950890590

eBook ISBN:  9781950890606

Genre: Western Horror

Release Date 9/26/2019

“The Man is comin’, Sheriff…bringin’ the hounds of Hell with him…”

On a hot morning In 1830s Texas, a cattle rancher limps into the tiny, isolated town of High Water. He’s battered, bloody, and near death but insists on speaking to the sheriff. “The Man is coming,” he warns, “and he’s taking over this town.” The townspeople fearfully brace for the newcomer’s arrival.

The Man arrives with his gang of Hell Hounds in tow, brutally kills the sheriff, and declares the town his. Thus begins the reign of terror by the sinister band who, as the people soon discover, are more than meets the eye. The residents of High Water are terrorized, threatened, and forced to pay tribute to their cruel oppressors with violent repercussions for any who dare to resist.

But there is hope.

A story begins to circulate, in hushed whispers, behind closed doors. The legend of a renowned gunslinger and monster hunter who walks the earth, his sole purpose to seek and destroy the minions of hell. The people are held in the grip of terror, fearful of the consequences should they take a stand. But one young man will risk everything to escape The Man’s clutches, to locate the Legend and bring him back to banish the evil from High Water.

Is the legend real? Does the gunslinger still live? Can one man defeat the overwhelming odds and destroy the great evil that grips High Water?

Do legends ever die?

Old Bones


Author: Joe Powers

Hardback ISBN: 9798439935741

Paperback ISBN: 9781956788785

eBook ISBN:  9781956788792

Genre: Horror

Release Date 4/11/2022

Gather round, my friends. Get comfortable, dim the lights, and settle in for a terrifying journey where each stop along the way is creepier than the last.


A themed corporate gathering...children with very special, very disturbing powers...a well-meaning criminal who can't quite manage to stay on the straight and narrow...filmmakers chasing an old legend that's more than just a story... a spectral visitor returns with stories from the past...


These stories reveal the evils of humanity at its worst, and the nightmarish things that lurk just around the corner from reality. Deceit, jealousy, temptation, danger, evil. Twelve tales of horror that delve into the dark recesses of your worst nightmares and lay them bare upon the page.

Seventeen Skulls


Author: Joe Powers

Paperback ISBN:  9781955086653

eBook ISBN:  9781955086660

Genre: Horror / Supernatural

Release Date 8/23/2021

Someone is stalking and killing the residents of a homeless shelter in Beaverbrook. And he’s doing it from a cell at the Garden Island Super-Maximum Security Penitentiary, over a thousand miles away.


Notorious serial killer Eldon Grant has discovered the ability to travel through the Shadow Realm – a dark and sinister conduit that lies in the murky fissures between the physical and astral planes. This allows him to return to his old stomping grounds and resume his rampage without leaving the cozy confines of his cell. It's the perfect crime.


But his actions haven't gone unnoticed.


As the bodies pile up, shelter worker Jennifer Brennan vows to get to the bottom of the murderous spree. Along with a disjointed group of companions she sets out to learn who's responsible, and figure out a way to stop him before they draw his attention and become his next victims.

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