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Author L. J. Stubbs

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About the Author

L.J. Stubbs has always been drawn to futurism and the wonder inherent in ‘what could be.’ The possibilities are literally endless, and he loves contemplating the myriad paths that humanity can take. L.J. Graduated from Brigham Young University in 2009 and married his lovely wife shortly after. They now have three rambunctious boys and live along the Snake River in Idaho.

L.J. Stubbs enjoys writing full-time, which is a life-long dream come true. When he is not writing, he can be found reading a book or working on an art piece that he uses to channel what he calls his ‘creative juices.’ L.J. is known for putting himself into his characters and takes pride in the connection that his readers make with those personalities.

A Forlorn Hope

Hardback ISBN: 9798365732407

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336960

eBook ISBN: 9781958336977

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 12/12/2022

From the time G39, a Marine rifleman in mankind’s distant future is “born” to the time he crash lands on an alien planet only a month later, his life is a dizzying onslaught of action and pain. Everything he does has to be in accordance with his superior’s wishes, or the control device implanted in the base of his skull will ‘correct’ him…painfully. Every moment of every day is a fight, whether it be the struggle against his own rebellious thoughts, or with the Alien army that awaits the Terran invasion or even his fellow humans, G39 is forced to conquer each challenge or be destroyed.

A Forlorn Hope Audio.jpg

After the End

Hardback ISBN: 9798391773214

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076540

eBook ISBN: 9781960076557

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 5/8/2023

Separated from his mother while still a toddler, Deacon is the only human on the Rock, the asteroid he has called home his entire life. He is alone and yet surrounded by an array of alien species who, like him, have been enslaved by the viscous Tendari, a race bent on universal domination. The Tendari have swallowed up world after world in their quest, beginning with Earth some two hundred years ago, but all of that is of little import to Deacon, whose main concern is survival among the numerous species that hate him for his humanity.

“After the End” is an inspiring tale of man’s irrepressible determination in the face of immeasurable odds. Deacon is a bastion of human resilience and ingenuity among numerous alien species who hate and persecute him. He fights intolerance with an attitude that motivates all around him to hope for something better, maybe even…freedom.

After the End Audio.jpg

A New Beginning

Hardback ISBN: 9798863930251

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260788

eBook ISBN: 9798891260795

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 11/13/2023

Deacon, the hero of the Rock in ‘After the End,’ returns in this novel titled ‘A New Beginning.’  

The newly promoted Deacon Fortis is given command over the survivors of the asteroid that had been his lifelong home and must prove himself worthy of inclusion into his fellow human’s ranks. While Deacon trains, however, a new threat emerges, grows, and consumes its way toward him. 

A New Beginning’ starts where ‘After the End’ left off and delves even deeper into the oppression and hatred between species. Deacon finds himself in a struggle between two sides who see his very existence as disruptive and controversial. He remains stalwart as ever and teaches, through his example, that respect can bridge any divide.

A New Beginning Audio.jpg
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