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Author Michael J. Stiehl

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About the Author


Michael J. Stiehl writes speculative fiction of all varieties, from fantasy to horror to weird westerns. Frankly, there is just no telling what he’ll put on the page next.

Michael is a full-time staff member, and adjunct faculty, at the University of Chicago. With a lifelong passion for fiction, in particular horror, comics, adventure, and science fiction, he is thrilled to be pivoting away from academic publications and towards the kind of fiction that has always inspired him.

Michael lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, two kids, and their very silly poodle Jack. When not writing fiction, Michael spends his time riding bikes, camping, reading books, obsessively listening to music, and playing D&D with his friends. In short, he hasn’t changed at all since junior high.

Michael’s work has previously appeared in the Rogue Blades Entertainment anthologies, “Reach for the Sky,” and “No Ordinary Mortals”. He has also been featured on the Night Shift Radio Story Tellers series and his novella “Sanctuary” was recently published by Black Hare Press.


NO ORDINARY MORTALS, Rogue Blades Entertainment, 2022

NOM NOM, Black Hare Press, 2022


SANCTUARY, Black Hare Press, 2022

TWIST OF CAIN, Nightshift Radio Storyteller Podcast Print Edition, 2021



Facebook: @michael.stiehl

The Maiden's Sleep


Author: Michael J. Stiehl

Print ISBN:  9798891260825

eBook ISBN:  9798891260832

Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 01/16/2024

Bow has hit bottom. Banished from the town of Dunwynn, his hands crippled by the town guard, he drinks his days away in a hut made of sticks and mud. He is a long way from being part of the legendary father/daughter duo Knife & Bow.

That's because his daughter is dead. Killed by The Maiden's Sleep, a plague that ran rampant through Dunwynn all spring and summer, killing only young women.

Now there are two children in his hut asking him to find their missing father. Against his better instincts, and to make a little money, he decides to help. It’s a decision that will lead him into the darkest corners of Dunwynn, revealing a secret sect of alchemy, and a plot to achieve unspeakable power.

Can Bow play the hero one more time or will the truth about The Maiden’s Sleep be his end?

The Maiden's Sleep Audio.jpg
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