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Author Olivia Huntington

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About the Author


Olivia Huntington has always been fascinated by magic, myth and adventure. As a child, she spent countless hours dreaming up stories of heroes overcoming monsters and finding hidden treasures. This sense of wonder followed Olivia into adulthood, compelling her to obtain degrees in ancient history and occult lore. After working for years as a magical artifacts historian, she decided to try bringing some of the incredible tales from her research to life in fiction.

When not crafting her next thrilling fantasy saga, you can find Olivia camping under the stars, exploring ancient ruins, or searching dusty libraries for magical secrets lost to time. She loves immersing herself in nature and absorbing legends from cultures across the globe to fuel her imaginative stories.

Olivia currently resides in a rambling old house in the countryside that provides daily inspiration. She shares the creaky halls and mysterious locked rooms with three adorable cats and one very patient husband. The only magic she can reliably perform is turning endless cups of tea into completed book chapters.

Shadowed Reckoning


Author: Olivia Huntington

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260504

eBook ISBN: 9798891260511

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 9/25/2023

Once a rising star in the mage ranks, John Gray lost everything when a disastrous mission allowed a powerful dark artifact to fall into the wrong hands. Wracked by shame and failure, the former hero now slinks through life as a broken alcoholic.

But when John's ex-partner turns up dead after warning of a plot to unleash the artifact's apocalyptic magic, he reluctantly agrees to take on one last mission for redemption. To succeed, John must brave a corrupting underworld and confront the demons of addiction, regret and self-doubt that have chained him for so long.

Accompanied by a feisty young spellsmith who sees more in John than he sees in himself, he follows a tangled trail of clues across a magical landscape both familiar and strange. Every step forces John to relive the traumatic mistakes that shattered his life. But with the fate of the world at stake, he pushes onward, realizing the key to stopping this evil may also be the key to healing himself.

In a final confrontation against overwhelming odds, John must rediscover his courage, ingenuity and power before the forces of darkness unleash total destruction. To triumph, he must let go of the past and embrace his true destiny. For some, scars run deeper than the skin.

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