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Author Paul G. O'Connor

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About the Author


Paul was born in Boston and grew up in Western Massachusetts. A pivotal decision was made by him in college to switch from studying law to the theater. He found it more enjoyable to pretend being a lawyer than studying to become one. Upon graduating from the University of New Hampshire in theater, Paul was accepted into the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After returning, he worked as an actor/director in New York and regional theatre. Then, an opportunity came to take over as Artistic Director of a performing arts center in New Hampshire.

There was another pivot. He became a single father and moved with his children to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Raising two children alone required a stable home, and work in theatre wouldn’t allow that. So, to keep the ‘creative soul’ alive, he started writing short stories and co-wrote an Off-Broadway play that led to writing screenplays.

Paul’s found success in several major film festivals. His feature screenplay was placed at the Austin Film Festival, and he’s won short screenplay awards from the Dallas Screenwriters Association and Waterford International Film Festival, Ireland. A small collection of his stories was put into a book, “Along The Way,” on Amazon. Now, his debut novel “WORDS” will be published by World Castle Publishing.

He hopes readers will find the novel entertaining and a cautionary tale.


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Author: Paul G. O'Connor

Hardback ISBN: 9798321959916

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261884

eBook ISBN: 9798891261891

Genre: Tech Thriller

Release Date 5/7/2024

One line of text with a cryptic message has appeared on every phone, computer and video screen on Earth. It cannot be deleted.


Student and activist GENEVIEVE PHILLIPS might have been too smart. She can’t stand LUX Corporation, the company her scientist father works for and its involvement with Artificial Intelligence. So Gen downloads her anti-AI science project into the company’s server as a protest.

When a cryptic text appears during the launch of LUX Corporation’s worldwide AI system, Gen is suspected of a malicious ‘hack.’ Then, an internet pandemic erupts as the text message spreads around the world.

Gen is hurtled onto a journey to find the real hackers and clear her name. When the virus expands and cripples even the most secure networks. Multi-national corporations point fingers, and superpower governments prepare for all-out war.

Gen finds herself involved with an AI plan that goes against everything she believes in and is thrust into a non-stop race to prevent the end of civilization as we know it.

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