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Authors Rebeca Pradera
and David Orange

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Rebeca Pradera


REBECA PRADERA is a former professional ballet dancer who performed with the American Ballet Theatre, New York City Opera, Ballet Brio, and numerous other company guest roles. She also has edited articles for TASTED and BORDEAUX, NEW YORK wine magazines. An Angel Takes a Swim is her first novel.

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David Orange


DAVID ORANGE had four novels published by houses and a biographical athlete book- Long John- the Longest Stride, in 2021. His next novel, coming out in 2024, a Fantasy comedy, is An Angel Takes a Swim. Also, as a screenplay writer, two have been optioned with ChuckleHead, which is currently under development by Movicorp Media, Los Angeles.


Orange, also an actor, has twice co-starred in plays on the Broadway stage, numerous television Guest Star roles, and featured parts in several films, among them Star Trek VI- the Undiscovered Country, where he portrayed a humorous character, the Drunken Sleepy Klingon.

An Angel Takes a Swim 1800x2700.jpg

An Angel Takes a Swim


Authors: Rebeca Pradera and David Orange


Print ISBN:     

E-Book ISBN: 

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Release Date to be determined

In this heartwarming tale, a football coach dies in a car accident and becomes haunted by mistakes made with his ballerina wife. Desperate to make amends, he pleads with Archangels to reincarnate him so he can assist her with legs paralyzed from the crash.

However, fate intervenes, but the only body available is that of an albino dolphin for a short time. Despite facing dangerous encounters with sharks and the pursuit by an alluring female dolphin, the coach finds protection from a ferocious Orca Killer Whale.

After being injured by a jet skier, the dolphin gets trapped in a theme park. As his time as a dolphin ends, an unexpected source offers a daring escape—the coach dolphin partners with his paraplegic dancer wife to perform a remarkable show routine that defies the odds.

This inspiring story highlights the power of love, determination, and resilience to overcome obstacles and how our actions can profoundly impact those around us.

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