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Author Samantha Cooke

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About the Author


Samantha Cooke is a Florida native who writes stories close to her beachside roots. As a playwright, her work has appeared on stage at The Orlando International Fringe Festival, The University of Central Florida, and Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids (Denver, CO). Her fiction has been published in various online journals. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing for Young Adults from The Solstice MFA Program. She now lives in the seaside town of Winthrop, MA where she works as a communications manager for KIPP Massachusetts Public Charter Schools.

Love Always, Bailey


Authors: Samantha Cooke

Hardback ISBN: 9798865374152

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260955

eBook ISBN:  9798891260962

Genre: YA Friendship & Loss

Release Date 11/13/2023

It’s been seven months since Morgan has heard from Bailey, not since a fight on New Year’s Eve that may have ended their friendship forever.  To figure out what went wrong, Morgan has some serious retracing to do, starting with a five-day stay at the beach house that started it all.


Morgan reunites with her friend group at The Highview, an ocean front house where they’ve spent every summer since they were kids. There’s Noah, who hopes that his friends trust one of his plans one final time. Ethan, who mourns the loss of the girl he loved and never got to tell. Allie’s anger overpowers her desire to heal. And Ryder still holds out for one final game of Rock Paper Scissors with Morgan, hoping it can spark their once-picture-perfect love story.


Over the course of five days, the friends learn their friendship has changed and they can no longer take for granted the closeness they once shared. Instead, they must learn to love and grieve simultaneously.

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