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Author Staci Hayes

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About the Author


Staci grew up in rural east Tennessee. When she was young her family didn’t get cable, only public television, so she knows a heck of a lot about Julia Child, classic movies, Sesame Street and “The Mull’s Singing Convention.” That’s a wordy way of saying there was not much shaking in her town. Out of boredom, she was taught to read when she was four, and then she couldn’t be stopped! Just anything: her grandmother’s copies of The Enquirer, Agatha Christie, smutty romances, biographies. Appropriate to whatever age she was or not, if it had printed words on it, she was reading it.

She began writing in third grade. She tried to stop several times during life’s BIG EVENTS (marriage, baby, career), but…a writer’s gotta write. Staci often quotes the amazing Toni Morrison, “I wrote my first book because I wanted to read it.”

Staci lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her handsome and brilliant husband, who often has no clue what she is talking about when she plots a novel out loud, but always faithfully supports her wild ideas, her funny and talented ballet-dancing daughter, and a goofball pit bull named Ahsoka, after the Star Wars character.

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Author: Staci Hayes

Paperback ISBN: 

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Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date to be determined

Only a vampire can love you forever…

My name is Penny Bunkle, and I work in the family business – Vampire Hunting. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it. I’m assigned the routine stuff like observation and note-taking.

Occasionally during my patrols or stakeouts, I run into Gryph, a sex bomb, a two-hundred-year-old vampire with Nordic cheekbones. As of late, we’ve been coming more prepared with our witty repartee than weapons. In fact, the whole thing is starting to feel…flirty. Which just cannot happen! Or can it?

When flirty leads to feelings and feelings lead to flames, I’m no longer sure who the enemy is.

Can a vampire and a Hunter ever find love together? Will betrayal, blackmail, and jealousy tear us apart? Or will we be together…Always?

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