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Author Werner Lind

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About the Author


Werner A. Lind was born in Minneapolis, but raised in eastern Iowa.  A graduate of Clinton (Iowa) Community College and of Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, he also holds master’s degrees from Eastern Mennonite Univ. in Harrisonburg, Virginia and from Indiana State Univ.  Formerly a college teacher and a public librarian, he and his wife Barb now live in Bluefield, Virginia, where he has been a librarian at Bluefield College since 1992.  They have three daughters.  His short fiction, book reviews and scholarly articles have been published in various periodicals and online, and he has twice won prizes for his work in fiction.  Lifeblood is his first novel.



Author: Werner Lind

Print ISBN:  9781938243646

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243653

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 6/15/12

Lifeblood is a powerfully moving supernatural romance, filled with rich details and fast paced action.  Lind has a brilliant way with words, creating a vivid atmosphere and filling it with characters that come to life with his words.”  --Diana Bennett, The Midwest Book Review

All Ana Vasilifata ever wanted was a simple life, with a good husband, children, and a happy home.  What she found was a vampire who made her his bride.  And when she fled to England in the winter of 1665, she found a stake at the hands of a fearful and angry mob.

Over three hundred years later, an accident reanimates Ana in the quiet town of Meriwether, Iowa.  She flees to an abandoned house where she meets Joshua Davidson, a kind-hearted carpenter who helps Ana adjust to this strange place and time.  As her friendship with Joshua deepens, Ana begins to hope she can finally find the peace she has always sought.  But dangers still haunt her, for even now there are some who believe in the stories of vampires.  This time she is not friendless –but, she wonders, would Joshua continue to help her if he knew what she was?  And even if he would, could he protect her from all the monsters lurking in the shadows?

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