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Author A. Watkins

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About the Author


Amber Watkins began writing the Darkened Shadows series in her teens and has enjoyed writing her whole life. Darkened Shadows is very close to her heart and a story she will forever cherish. She also loves playing with her pets, reading, and being in the great outdoors. 

The Call


Darkened Shadows Book 1

Author A. Watkins

Print ISBN:     9781955086011

E-Book ISBN: 9781629891316

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Release Date 08/15/2014

Cameron Evans never had a typical childhood with the death of her mother, her father leaving at a young age, and the disappearance of her older brother Abraham. Everyone knew about her life's story, and everyone gossiped about it even now. After the death of her mother, her step-father, Richard, being the only living person eligible to keep her, adopted her and thus raised her until the events during her senior year of High School. The summer before Cameron's last school year, she joined her friend Kelsey at a party that was said to be the party of the year. Little did Cameron know that night would be the start of a very up and down spiral in her life. It had been years since she had nightmares about her brother Abraham and years since she had spoken to her ex-boyfriend Adam. The night of the party, Cameron is introduced to Sawyer, a man sent to protect her against the unknown creatures that were coming after her.

The Revenge


Darkened Shadows Book 2

Author: A. Watkins

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086028

eBook ISBN: 9781629894195

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date 01/18/2016

For a year now, the Evans' and the Virgo's were living in peace. Cameron was being taught by her older brother Abraham about controlling her light, and the Virgo's were expanding their family. But in the shadows, a darkness was lurking, and it would bring a lot of turmoil and grief to them all in a very unexpected way. Ever since the Evans' children were young, there wasn't much to go on about their family history, and even to this day, they questioned it. But, little did they know there were liars among them, and who could they trust? Could one person bring down all of what the Evans' have worked so hard to build? Cameron finally had her brother back, but the big question was; Who was this woman Abraham was dating? She was once a dark Gathien and under the control of the great and powerful Collin, whom Cameron defeated just a year before. Who was Emily, really? They would soon find out because REVENGE is a powerful thing.

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