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Author Abby Farnsworth

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About the Author


Abby Farnsworth is an award-winning Young Adult Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Author. Abby enjoys writing about a wide variety of characters within the Paranormal Romance and Fantasy genres, including faeries, vampires, witches, and werewolves. Her novels are all centered around romance, but also feature adventure and suspense. Her first novel, EverGreen, received the Literary Titan Silver Star Award, and her second and third novels, Moonlit Skies and Fallen Snow, received the Literary Titan Gold Star Award. 


Abby currently resides in West Virginia, and enjoys reading, nature, and long walks.

To learn more about Abby, her books, and current projects, take a look at the following:



Instagram: @abbyfarnsworth.writer

Facebook: @abbyfarnsworth.writer.poet



Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271686

eBook ISBN:  9781953271693

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 3/8/2021


“...he watched me as if I was the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen.”


Lily Rhodes had led a perfectly normal life, up until the day she met Rowan Marx, an alluring, secretive boy who she’d never noticed before. At the end of her senior year, Lily’s world is turned upside down by the sparks of first love, the betrayal of her best friend, and the discovery of secrets buried long ago. Ultimately, Lily will learn a lesson she thought she already understood: never judge a book by its cover. Because if you do, you might just miss the magic hidden within.

EverGreen Audio.jpg

Moonlit Skies

EverGreen Trilogy Book 2


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9781955086677

eBook ISBN:  9781955086684

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 11/23/2021


“I wanted nothing more than to run into his arms, to collapse into him and ignore the world around us.”


One year after the events of EverGreen, Jack finds himself lost, both physically and mentally, with nowhere to go. When he unexpectedly meets a few strangers, his life erupts into chaos. Meanwhile, Giselle struggles with depression and insecurity in the weeks leading up to Ginger and Drew’s wedding. Everything changes when she meets a compelling stranger who appears to be infatuated with her. When a terrifying threat begins to loom over Lily, Rowan, and their unborn children, Jack and Giselle will work together in an attempt to save the lives of those they love. 

Moonlit Skies Audio.jpg

Fallen Snow

EverGreen Trilogy Book 3


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9781956788464

eBook ISBN:  9781956788471

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 03/15/2022

“Each time his lips touched mine, sparks shot through my mind.”


Less than a year after Lily Rhodes Marx delivers twins John and Mina, Athena Jackson finds herself facing an unplanned pregnancy. With Lily and Rowan’s support, she prepares for the arrival of her baby. Ginger, Drew, Giselle, Omar, Jack, and LeAnne also join in encouraging her as she begins this new chapter of her life. In the midst of her journey, she falls for a man who just might be everything she’s ever wanted. But when all of her plans for the future begin to crumble, Athena will have to cope with problems she never dreamed of having in a world she never knew existed. 

Fallen Snow Audio.jpg


EverGreen Trilogy Sequel


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9798891260764

eBook ISBN:  9798891260771

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 10/23/2023

“Rowan really was perfect. Sometimes I still wondered if he was real. He had never ceased to be everything I’d ever dreamed of having.”


One year after the birth of her third child, Lily Rhodes Marx struggles with the stress of being a young mother. Lily spends all day alone with her baby, only to have a few hours with her husband, Rowan, at night. After talking with a doctor, Lily discovers she has postpartum depression. Rowan arranges for them to take a trip alone together, in order to rekindle their love. When an emergency brings them back home, Lily rediscovers her love for motherhood and her family, all the while making another major life decision. 

Bloom Audio.jpg


EverGreen Forever Book 1


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9798891261709

eBook ISBN:  9798891261716

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 4/30/2024

“Kissing him was like being transported to another time and place where the only thing that existed was our love.”


Daisy Claire was only sixteen when she first became involved with Silas, a man well versed in how to manipulate women. Years after his death, she meets Athena, another of his former ex-girlfriends. The two bond, becoming close friends through their shared experiences. Little does Daisy know that Athena, along with Ash, Daisy’s fiancé, are part of a whole other world she has yet to discover. When a demon from her past threatens to ruin her hopeful future, Daisy must discover her own strength and learns that she is indeed more powerful than she ever dreamed.

Dawn Audio.jpg


EverGreen Forever Book 2


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN: 9798891262287

eBook ISBN: 9798891262294

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date 7/15/2024

“We blended into one being, completely unified with nothing preventing our souls from

devouring each other.”


After recovering from her challenges in Dawn, Daisy reconnects with an old childhood friend, April, who is newly married and pregnant. As Daisy learns more about April’s life, she grows concerned about her safety. When tragedy strikes, Daisy and her husband, Ash, must step in to take responsibility for April’s newborn baby. Controversy soon arises as family drama begins to unfold. Daisy is once again cornered by her past, unable to escape the monsters that haunt her in the night. But this time, things take a different turn. 

Dusk Audio.png
Midnight 1800x2700.jpg


EverGreen Forever Book 3


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN: 

eBook ISBN: 

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Release Date to be determined

“You were destined to be mine, and nothing could ever change that.”


Up until two weeks before her High School graduation, Adele Banks believed she was a completely normal teenage girl. After discovering her supernatural abilities, Adele sets out on a mission to find her biological father. She meets her cousin, Lily Rhodes Marx, and learns about the world of faeries. While her life continues to crumble into chaos, she begins to fall for a handsome stranger, Kaleb Lawrence. As she attempts to come to terms with her true identity, Adele learns that she is the only one who controls her fate.

Scarlet Whispers

The Shades of Us Trilogy Book 1


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Hardback ISBN: 9798832530239

Paperback ISBN:  9781958336175

eBook ISBN:  9781958336182

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 06/20/2022

“We never have to stop loving each other, and that’s glorious.”

Anne Emerson has spent the last many decades of her immortal life alone. All of that changes the day she meets a green-eyed, teenage boy from Georgia, James Hamilton. Though she realizes just how impractical love between a vampire and a human is, she can’t seem to deny her feelings. Anne begins to fall for James, while repeatedly rejecting a rich, age-old vampire, Albert Jefferson, who’s enchanted with her. She will have to discover the true value of mortality, and weigh its worth against the price of love.

Scarlet Whispers Audio.jpg

Ruby Tears

The Shades of Us Trilogy Book 2


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Hardback ISBN: 9798354658268

Paperback ISBN:  9781958336724

eBook ISBN:  9781958336731

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 10/17/2022


“The phantom memory of his touch brushed against my waist as I stroked the silver chain. I loved him more than I wanted to admit to myself.”

After the tumultuous events of Scarlet Whispers, Anne finds herself in a position where her heart is breaking. Her love life is falling apart, and she’s in total confusion. While Anne is struggling to accept the new direction her life is taking, James is making decisions that his former self would have hated. Albert becomes Anne’s best friend through her struggles, and attempts to help her with the challenges she’s facing. The epic, vampire love triangle between Albert, James, and Anne continues in the second installment of The Shades of Us Trilogy. When her adventure brings her back to Savannah, Anne will have to make a choice that shapes her future.

Ruby Tears Audio.jpg

Crimson Vows

The Shades of Us Trilogy Book 3


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Hardback ISBN: 9798386816537

Paperback ISBN:  9781960076441

eBook ISBN:  9781960076458

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 3/27/2023

“Our lips touched and danced in the bliss only two people in all-consuming love could experience.”


Anne Emerson believed that she had finally found her happily ever after. But on her wedding day, Anne’s plans are ruined by her sister-in-law, Hazel. Anne’s vision of a perfect wedding and honeymoon are broken. She falls into a dark place, suffering hallucinations, as well as crippling depression. As unknown secrets from her past become revealed, Anne must learn to accept herself. Eventually, Anne may find the best of life, which she once thought impossible. 

Crimson Vows Audio.jpg

Rosewood Dreams

The Silverstone Saga Book 1


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Hardback ISBN: 9798375713274

Paperback ISBN:  9781960076281

eBook ISBN:  9781960076298

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 02/14/2023

“I had never realized just how the inside-out sensations of attraction could make you feel. Until that moment, I hadn’t thought much about falling in love.”


Esme Brontë, a member of the Black Hills Coven, believes herself to be an ordinary teenage witch. When two mysterious warlock brothers, Sampson and Everest Silverstone, enter her life, she begins to think she may be more than an average girl. Upon the arrival of the boys, she starts to have visions that lead her to discover her past identity. She learns that she is the reincarnation of Cassandra, the most powerful witch in history, and that Sampson and Everest are her former husband and ex-lover. When an enemy from her past endangers the lives of those she loves, Esme must embrace herself to protect and save her family. 

Rosewood Dreams Audio.jpg


Author: Abby Farnsworth

Paperback ISBN:  9798891260207

eBook ISBN:  9798891260214

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 8/14/2023

“For a long time, all I wanted to do was make my father happy. I used to think he would protect me. Now I knew that wasn’t true, and things were different.”

Rose, the innocent princess of Greyland, has been sheltered her whole life. Her father, a heartless king, controls each and every aspect of her day-to-day activities. However, shortly after turning eighteen, Rose experiences a terrible assault that leaves her feeling helpless and alone. In response, her father plans to marry her off to an old earl in order to save both his reputation and hers. Refusing to accept this, she runs away from the palace. Rose will have to endure the pain following her attack, as well as the difficulties of being a runaway princess. She will have to rise above her former status and claim what is rightfully hers.

Fated Audio.jpg
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