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Author Adam Rocke


About the Author


Former "Gonzo journalist"/adrenaline junkie Adam Rocke has been shot, stabbed, tazed, maced, sapped, brass knuckled, pepper-sprayed, arm-barred, choked out, knocked out, body-slammed, roundhouse-kicked and waterboarded long before "enhanced interrogation" became a household term. This novel was partially inspired by one of his craziest adventures: hunting poachers in Africa guided by an ex-mercenary.

The Death Dealer


Authors: Adam Rocke & Mark Rogers

Hardback ISBN: 9781950890460

Paperback ISBN: 9781950890477

eBook ISBN: 9781950890484

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 8/26/2019


Billionaire Joe Sinclair is bored. To him, life is one big “been there, done that.”

However, there is one thrill Joe has yet to experience and he's willing to pay any amount to make it happen: Joe wants to know what it's like to kill a man.

Courtesy of his illicit connections, Joe hires Haden, a mysterious ex-mercenary to take him and his three best friends on the kind of African safari you won't read about in travel brochures. But when the bullets start to fly, Joe and company find themselves on the absolute wrong side of the predator vs. prey equation.

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