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Authors Alan & Brian Brown

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Alan Brown grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City and graduated from Shawnee Mission East High School in 1973 and Avila University in 1979. Now He lives in a suburb of St. Louis, MO, with my wife and three daughters. He also has four sons that are grown and living outside the home. He enjoys writing about experiences he had growing up, examining the fantastical side, the dark side of a person’s natural fears. All of his books are based on a reality in his life. He is a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. Like his stories, Alan Brown’s will conclude with a twist, something he hopes will take the reader by surprise.

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I am a husband, father of four and a former business and political reporter from Springfield, Missouri, who currently lives and works in the St. Louis area. I’ve written five books with my father, Alan Brown, and edited a sixth. All our novels involve our fictional detective, Booger McClain, in what we have dubbed our Ozarks’ Noir style. I’m also an amateur photographer: @Bbrownspfd on Instagram. More information about our novels is available on our Facebook page (Alan and Brian Brown Write Stuff):

Children of the Carnival

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 1

Author: Alan Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798379177683

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076380

eBook ISBN: 9781960076397

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 3/20/2023

The lights and sounds of a haunted house can be thrilling, but they can turn horrifying quickly when a young sister gets separated from her older brother in the chaos of a carnival crowd. Detective Booger McClain is on the case when little Abby Wilkinson goes missing on Halloween, but he soon finds himself in a heap of trouble with a local judge and the Connorville mayor when the carnival owners threaten to sue the city if the nosy investigator isn’t pulled off the case.

Ultimately, the missing girl’s father brings back a sidelined McClain in hopes of finding out what happened to his daughter. What the stubborn Booger uncovers is a mysterious world of supernatural horrors connected to the traveling family carnival, with each new development in the case more terrifying and confounding than the last. Will evil win the day, or will the stubborn Ozarks’ detective sniff out the truth of what happens to the Children of the Carnival?

Children of the Carnival Audio.jpg

Lake Honor

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 2

Authors: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798387291456

Print ISBN: 9781960076465

E-Book ISBN:  9781960076472

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 4/3/2023

On a crisp autumn morning of the fall of 1973, two young men were found dead in the reflecting pond on the campus of the School of the Ozarks. Funny thing was, they weren’t students, and Freshman track athlete Alan Brown couldn’t stop wondering what must have happened to them. Enter Detective Booger McClain.

In the spring of 1974, a highly caffeinated McClain dives into the particulars of the case prompted by the now-college-reporter Brown, and what this unusual pair finds together are all the things that some in the Ozarks wanted to remain hidden forever. For deep in the hollers, in the shadows of rocky cliff edges, are secrets not meant to be found. And so it goes: the closer the investigators get to the truth, the more they have to prepare to be silenced.

Lake Honor is a thrilling mystery and coming-of-age story that delivers more sharp turns than any narrow hillside highway.

Lake Honor Audio.jpg

Gone in the Night

The Story of the Springfield Three

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 3

Author: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798397786676

Paperback ISBN:  9781960076922

E-Book ISBN:  9781960076939

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 6/29/2023

Art imitates life in Springfield, Missouri, as former reporter Brian Brown visits his hometown in the early days of the pandemic to interview private investigator Booger McClain for a possible book about the area’s most famous missing person’s case. Nearly 30 years earlier, two young women who had just graduated from Kickapoo High School, along with the mother of one of the girls, disappeared without a trace. The search for the three missing women consumed the psyche of the community in the latter half of 1992 and garnered attention from the national press, but it was all for naught. The women were never found, and no one was ever charged with their disappearance.

Soon after meeting Detective McClain, Brown quickly learns that this case he was familiar with has haunted the quirky private investigator for three decades. What unfolds are the unnerving details of what are known and heartbreaking speculations of what must have happened. In the end, the investigators find reasons for hope as they grapple with their own limitations in an unforgiving world.

Gone in the Night Audio.jpg

On the Dark Edge of Heaven

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 4

Author: Alan Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798877903944

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261426

eBook ISBN: 9798891261433

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 2/19/2024

The city of Hannibal, Missouri, is steeped in history. The boyhood home of Mark Twain, this sleepy town on the western banks of the Mississippi River, holds many stories and more than a few secrets.

Nearly 50 years ago, three boys went to explore Hannibal’s famous caves and mysteriously vanished. The case was never solved and eventually became part of the town’s folklore. Detective Booger McClain is brought in by a client hoping to bring new life to the case, and what the private investigator learns is more than either of them knows how to handle. You see, caves hold secrets. Bizarre, dangerous, and other-worldly secrets. Detective McClain thinks he knows what happened. Now, the story just needs to be told.  

On the Dark Edge of Heaven Audio.jpg

Shadow Valley

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 5

Author: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798323798032

Paperback ISBN: 9798891262058

eBook ISBN: 9798891262065

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 5/13/2024

Northwest Arkansas is home to a budding metropolitan area. From Bentonville to Siloam Springs to Fayetteville, the region is now home to about half a million people. And with big-city growth comes big-city problems.


When the wife and daughter of a Branson real estate mogul go missing in Pea Ridge, he turns to his old friend Detective Booger McClain to track them down. McClain and his wife, Rose, soon find themselves entrenched in a fresh world of lust, drugs, money, and corruption as they get closer to discovering the truth in the Natural State. All they need is some help from the working girls of Shadow Valley Trailer Park. The answers are all around the I-49 corridor, but will the detectives know where to look in time?

Shadow Valley Audio.jpg

Darkness After Midnight

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 6

Author: Alan Brown

Hardback ISBN:

Print ISBN: 9798891262423

E-Book ISBN:  9798891262430

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 7/22/2024

Underneath the city of Springfield, Missouri, in the caves and tunnels around downtown, lives a dark community all its own. And as Detective Booger McClain discovers: above ground isn’t much different. As McClain searches for answers in a famous local homicide case, he and his wife, Rose, run straight into his old nemesis, The Order, a secretive group of wealthy men who hold tremendous power and influence. And this time, The Order is hellbent on destroying the nosy Ozarks’ detective for good before he learns too much.

Will what’s hidden in the darkness stay hidden? Will the light of truth win out in the end? When even good friends are foes, who can Booger turn to? Luckily, McClain has an ace up his sleeve. Nobody messes with Rose’s man.

Darkness After Midnight Audio.jpg
Mirror in the Shadows 1800x2700.jpg

Mirror in the Shadows

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 7

Author: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Print ISBN:  

E-Book ISBN: 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date to be determined

When a police detective from Wichita takes a vacation, his idea of fun is trying to catch a serial killer in Springfield, Missouri. Detective Mason Chase can’t let an old case go, so he turns to private investigator Booger McClain for help. Together with Booger’s resourceful wife, Rose, the trio soon closes in on their elusive killer, only to find there’s more to this string of cases than anyone realized.


To uncover the truth, the detectives will have to risk everything they hold dear, as well as reflect on what they thought they knew about the past. And what happens when the hunters become the hunted? When dangers lurk in the shadows, the prey can only pray their aim is true.    

The Director 1800x2700.jpg

The Director

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 8

Author: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Print ISBN:  

E-Book ISBN: 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date to be determined

When an awkward boy from New York City moves with his mother to the tiny town of Reed’s Spring, Missouri, he finds fitting in at the high school to be an uphill battle. Befriended by a cheerleader, the boy’s infatuation – and his desire to make this new place his true home – turns to obsession over time.

Detective Booger McClain gets pulled into the drama when he is hired to catch a cheating husband. What unfolds is a tale of death and regret, love and loss. McClain is on the right track to discovering the truth when he learns the path he’s taken leads only to an early grave. Will authorities listen to Booger in time, or will a hillside plot hold the answers forever?

The Ties that Bind  1800x2700.jpg

The Ties that Bind

Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series Book 9

Author: Alan Brown & Brian Brown

Print ISBN:  

E-Book ISBN: 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date to be determined

Life meets death when Detective Booger McClain gets gunned down trying to protect a client, which unexpectedly sends the private investigator into the afterworld. From the beyond, McClain gets help from a former teacher who is trying to show her student that life is always more than it seems. Desperate to return to his wife and partner Rose, McClain tries to rush through his heavenly lessons only to discover he can help his wife from the other side as she reconnects with her estranged sister.

A journey through Booger’s past highlights how loved ones have shaped the Ozarks detective as Rose confronts her own personal history and struggles to uncover just who shot her husband and worked to kill their client. Those who have masked their identities in their pursuit of power stand to challenge the investigators like never before even as the detectives come to terms with their own identities. The Ties That Bind, the ninth book in the Booger McClain Ozarks Detective Series, is a family affair that underscores the importance of loved ones in a world where no one rests in peace.  

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