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About the Author



Alan Brown grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City and graduated from Shawnee Mission East High School in 1973 and Avila University in 1979. Now He lives in a suburb of St. Louis, MO, with my wife and three daughters. He also has four sons that are grown and living outside the home. He enjoys writing about experiences he had growing up, examining the fantastical side, the dark side of a person’s natural fears. All of his books are based on a reality in his life. He is a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. Like his stories, Alan Brown’s will conclude with a twist, something he hopes will take the reader by surprise.



Author: Alan Brown

Print ISBN:  9781953271723  

E-Book ISBN:  9781953271730

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 2/22/2021

Connor Allen was trapped in the basement of Adler department store. He had been there working, sweeping and waxing the floors of the four-story building. He worked there every Saturday night after the store had closed. It was a job that he had taken to earn money for college. His only company during that graveyard shift was an aged security guard.

Neither were prepared for what happened that night. Four men broke into the store. They intended to rob it. They didn’t intend to leave any witnesses. Bill Collins, the store security guard, was murdered trying to prevent the robbery.

A cat and mouse game ensued as Connor moved from one hiding place to another in the dark, cold basement of Adler. His only hope for escaping the killers was reaching the fourth floor of the department store. From there, he could escape to the roof and down the fire escape to the street below. But the only way to the fourth floor was up a hidden stairway. That stairway had not been used in years. It was sealed off after the fourth floor closed ten-years before.

A murder had taken place on that floor. The floor was never re-opened after the murder. But, since its closure, voices, laughter, and gunshots had been heard coming from that floor. It was rumored that ghosts lived there. But Connor had no choice. That was the only exit available to him.

On the fourth floor, he discovered many secrets about the murders, about the Adler family, and about the history of that department store. He would discover that the strangers that were hunting him weren’t the only threats to his life. Through the insane mind of a stranger living on the fourth floor, he discovered the secrets of the murders and the reason that the strangers would never stop until he was dead.

But did the robbery and murders actually occur? Or were they the imagination of a sick mind? The final chapter takes place in a psychiatric hospital, where nothing is exactly how it seems.

Adler Audio.jpg

Shadows in the Basement


Author: Alan Brown

Print ISBN:   9781956788860

E-Book ISBN:  9781956788853

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 4/25/2022

Jane Collins gave birth to twin boys. One died shortly after childbirth. The other had emotional challenges and lacked self-confidence. Dennis Collins had a difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic and was physically abusive. His mother was passive and allowed the abuse to continue. She mourned for her dead son, Kevin. She lived in fear of her abusive husband. She had little time to nurture her son’s emotional needs. Dennis withdrew into a shell and into an imaginary world where his brother, Kevin lived.

In his world, Kevin was the strong brother, the one that would protect him, the one that would stand up to his father. As the physical violence and emotional torture of his childhood increased, Kevin became more dominant in his life.

The problem was that Kevin had a dark side. When his father was murdered, Dennis was certain that his brother was responsible. He tried to separate himself from his brother, but it was too late. Kevin was too strong now, too dominant. He had taken control and Dennis was powerless to stop him.

They formed a bond that no one could break. They were complete opposites in every regard. Both were damaged. Both had emotional and psychological problems. Together, they would become the most prolific serial killer in Kansas City history.

One detective spent twenty-years trying to bring him to justice. He had nearly died trying to capture him once. His search culminated at a farmhouse in a rural area just north of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where the magnitude of his madness would be realized.

Shadows in the Basement Audio.jpg

Dead Eyes


Author: Alan Brown

Print ISBN:   9781955086462

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086479

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 7/19/2021

Dennis Glenn was a shy, socially awkward teenager when he met Elise Pinera, the daughter of a funeral home owner. His family struggled in life. Her family was well-healed. They came from different social classes. Still, they fell in love with each other. Her family tried to keep them apart, but their love was too strong. They married despite her family’s wishes. With time, her family came to terms with their marriage. They even paid for Dennis to attend mortuary school. When he graduated, Anthony Pinera offered him a job in the family crematorium.

The crematorium only operated between 11pm and 7am. The hours suited Dennis well. He didn’t especially like being around people. He was a loner. The graveyard shift provided him solitude, quiet and the opportunity to work alone. He enjoyed his time in the crematorium. That was until bodies began piling up in the refrigeration room. There was something unusual about those bodies. Their eyes were open. They would not close. They looked up at him every night.  He believed that they were trying to tell him something. Sometimes, he thought that he heard their screams as he dropped the corpses into the cremation furnace.

A series of tragedies struck the Pinera family. First, Gloria Booker, the ex-stepmother of Elise, died in a car accident. Then, Elise’s parents were killed in a gas explosion at their house. All three of the bodies were cremated by Dennis. But, that was just the beginning of a series of events that made Dennis realize that something evil was happening in the Pinera Family Funeral Home.

His questions resulted in threats. The threats materialized into action. Dennis had no way out. He couldn’t go to the police. They owned the police. He was driving down a dead-end road that could only end in death. His family was in danger. In one final attempt to save himself and his family, Dennis searched for the evidence that would bring down the funeral home owners. His efforts that night resulted in a fire at the funeral home that killed five people. It also resulted in several murders at the crematorium.

But did any of this really happen?

Dead Eyes Audio.jpg

Blood in the Fountain


Author: Alan Brown

Hardback ISBN: 9798367444551

Print ISBN: 9781960076021

E-Book ISBN:  9781960076038

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 12/19/2022

The Ozarks in Southern Missouri is a majestic place. In the fall, when the tourists are gone and the leaves change from green to amber and orange, it is difficult to find a more beautiful place.

Nestled between three lakes in the valley and mountains just beyond is a unique college that few people know about. The college is small with about 500 students attending but its grounds span nearly 400-acres. It is a free college where students work in exchange for an education. It is a Christian college that believes in the value of hard work and spiritual well-being. 

The college’s white stone buildings, cobblestone walkways and large iron gates are reminiscent of a time long ago. It is completely self-sufficient. Students operate everything from a farm to a power plant, to a slaughterhouse. To the outside world, it is a utopia of sorts.

But behind that façade, there is an underbelly of greed and corruption.

Justin Wade will discover that dark side of the school. He will try to expose it and in doing so, he will put his life and the lives of others at risk.

This is a story of drugs, murder and love. It is a story of discovering the truth and unearthing the dark secrets of the college and the surrounding Ozark hills.

In the end, he will expose the secret behind the blood in the fountain.

Blood in the Fountain Audio.jpg
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