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Author Alan Moss

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About the Author

Alan L Moss, Ph.D. is a unique and emerging voice in exciting fiction. His writing draws upon extensive research capabilities and many years in Washington D.C. as a federal Chief Economist, Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate, and Adjunct Instructor in economics at D.C. area universities. In 2002, he put his government career aside and moved to the New Jersey Shore to pursue his writing. His published novels spin sophisticated tales of conspiracy, love, sex, revenge, and subterfuge. After years of politics and bureaucracy, Alan has found the freedom of writing fiction an intoxicating and satisfying calling.


Dr. Moss has written seven published books, five fiction and two nonfiction: The Choices: A Treasure Hunt Thriller (Cresting Wave Publishing); The Samoa Seduction (W&B Publishers); Surviving the Endgame (Whiskey Creek Press); Insidious Deception (Whiskey Creek Press); Island of Betrayal (Gauthier Publications); Selling Out America’s Democracy (Praeger); and Employment Opportunity (Prentice Hall). Dr. Moss also prepared an innovative Middle East peace plan: A Middle East Union, A Futuristic Approach for Democratic Transition and Economic Development (published in “Middle East Conflicts & Reforms,” Digest of Middle East Studies). (See

Alan’s novels present exotic plots and imaginative proposals designed to change the world, push technological breakthroughs, and reap huge profits for those with advanced information and unique theories. For instance, his characters have prepared a proposal to transition the Middle East into an area of peace, democracy, and prosperity; sought diamonds created by the impact of the Chicxulub asteroid on the Yucatan Peninsula; assassinated a U.S. president with the aid of a drone disguised as a Red-Tailed Hawk; tried to disrupt an international peace conference by destroying the Eiffel Tower; received millions for illegal testing of a stem cell cure for diabetes; and obtained federal assistance to facilitate cornering the market for rare earth minerals. Locations range from the familiar (New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton) to the remote (Socotra, Yemen; Pickle, Ontario; Andorra la Vella, Andorra) and many more.

Alan and his wife of 53 years recently moved to Princeton to be closer to their two children and four grandchildren. Alan continues to write, study recent political and economic developments, and play golf at nearby golf courses.

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The Promise of the Copper Scroll

Author: Alan Moss

Hardback ISBN:

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Genre: Suspense

Release Date to be determined

On an early morning in July 2019, a minor quake unearths a copper scroll from the walls of a Qumran cave near the Dead Sea. The scroll finds its way to an antiquities dealer in Jordan and then to Professor Samuel Wadsworth at the Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. If he can properly interpret the information on the scroll, Wadsworth believes it will lead to billions of dollars in gold, silver, and rare ornaments hidden in the year 70 AD to deny the invading Romans the valuable assets of the Second Temple. When word of the scroll’s discovery reaches the Iranians, they organize a terrorist team to locate, seize, and follow the scroll to its treasure.

Three brave women pursue the copper scroll despite the terrorist violence surrounding it.

Nancy Troll is a senior at Drexel University. She dedicates her senior project to researching the scroll and preparing a series of newspaper articles that may lead to her recognition as an up-and-coming reporter. Her intense love affair and witnessing of terrorist activity do not stand in the way of her dedication.

Carol Stark is the secretary/assistant to Professor Wadsworth. She sees the scroll as a means to eliminate her family’s burdensome debt resulting from her husband’s uncontrolled betting on sports. Her complex scheme must withstand unpredictable barriers, including those launched by the Iranian terrorists.

Joan MacLennan is the attractive Regional FBI Chief in charge of combatting the deadly violence plaguing the area by the Iranian terrorists. She must take decisive action to save the scroll from the Iranians and smooth its way to a New York City antiquities museum.

Seeking the scroll becomes an unpredictable shell game with death and destruction facing each of the players.

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