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Blake Alb & John Davies

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Blake Alb (Snowcrow, The Fairgrounds) is a writer with a passion for stories that stray from the beaten path. He has an MS in psychology and has worked extensively in the field of mental health. He attributes his psychology degree as playing a significant role in providing a wellspring of ideas for storytelling. He is a big fan of all things geeky, with a penchant for Japanese anime/manga, fantasy, science fiction, and video games. He also enjoys British comedy and performing improv. He has published a variety of short stories and novels.

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John Davies has worked in the comics and entertainment industry as a multimedia illustrator for the better part of 34 years. His love of drawing came about when he was 5 years old. Growing up in Southern California gave him a great opportunity to flourish with creative contacts. His studies grew and centered around fine arts (which he also has a degree). Utilizing these skills, John began working as an illustration designer, penciler, and inker (including positions on set at Warner Bro. Studios). John has worked on several published periodicals within the comic book industry for many independent companies. He has also held a position within a studio environment that produced illustrations for DC Comics. John is also working on Station 39 for Charter Comics, along with multiple cover projects for independent publishers, music groups, etc.



Author: Blake Alb

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: YA Horror/Comedy/Graphic Novel

Release Date 7/1/2024

"Don't let it snow!"

Not all nightmares occur at night. After all, some things go "bump in the day!" In this expanded graphic novel version of the Snowcrow novella, join Teddy as he attempts to find reprieve from his winter woes. And by woes we are not referring to your typical "coming of age" trials of youth. This is a tale about preventing boyhood daydreams from becoming nightmares. What are the intentions of these menacing snowmen? Are these sinister events born from the fanciful superstitions of a curious boy? Either way, Teddy must discern the truth as the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred.

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