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Blake Alb & Lieh Pena

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Blake Alb (Snowcrow, The Fairgrounds) is a North Dakota native with a passion for stories that stray from the beaten path. He has an MS in psychology and has worked extensively in the field of mental health. He attributes his psychology background as playing a significant role in providing a wellspring of ideas for storytelling. Blake Alb has a penchant for all things geeky, including but not limited to: Japanese anime/manga, fantasy, science fiction, and video games. He also enjoys British comedy, word-play, and performing improv comedy. He has published a variety of short stories and novels.

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Brazilian native Lieh Pena has been drawing as a hobby since childhood and professionally since 2009 when he illustrated his first book, “Zamba’s Journey” (“A Jornada de Zamba” in Portuguese). He also illustrated “The Little Cowboy” parts 1 and 2 — a Northeast Brazilian parody of “The Little Prince”. His illustrating works also include covers for other books, academic text papers, and a health booklet. In the field of comic books, his works include a few independent productions (yet to be published) and a political comic, plus his own comic project (yet to be finished). He also has a degree in English Language Teaching & Literature from the Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE). However, his love was always Sequential Arts in any form (cartoon, manga, graphic, etc.). For that reason, as a self-taught artist, he always tried to develop abilities related to such media, like penciling, inking, digital coloring, and lettering.

Odds & Ends: Luck of the Draw


Author: Blake Alb

Illustrator: Lieh Pena

Hardcover ISBN: 9798325442445

Paperback ISBN: 9798891262126

eBook ISBN: 9798891262133

Genre: Comedy/Science Fiction/Adventure

Release Date 5/27/2024

Last one there is a rotten egg, or a rotten sperm as the case may be! Millions of gametes set out on this journey, but only one will make it to the mysterious egg. A treasure trove of letters was discovered in a dusty attic in the far reaches of cyberspace, including the deciphered transmissions between their sperm, egg, and brain cells.

Hitch along for the ride as our five lead sperm cells form a rabble of rebels from inside their human host, Euclid Hux. But this time, they are not alone, as they are under the tutelage of a mysterious neuron by the name of Ron Une. Which will be the strongest, fastest, and luckiest of the bunch? There can only be one winner.

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