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Author Beth Perry

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About the Author


Beth Perry has written extensively on the subjects of folklore, legends and the paranormal for books and other media. One of her favorite pastimes is exchanging “spooky” stories around a cozy winter’s fire with her family members. She attended ETSU and presently resides in Eastern Tennessee. Although she has written Romance professionally under a pseudonym, she is currently enjoying creating darker fiction for readers.


Author: Beth Perry

Hardback ISBN: 9798882851766

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261600

eBook ISBN:  9798891261617

Genre: Horror

Release Date 3/5/2024

Professional paranormal debunker Gerald Agee hosts one of television’s hottest reality shows. Every week on the Debunker’s Challenge, a panel of skeptical judges put their guests through a series of challenges designed to test alleged psychic or supernatural abilities. A covetable prize of three million dollars awaits the guest who succeeds in winning their respective challenges. Thankfully for Agee’s reputation and the coffers of the Awareness Television Network, the panel has never been sufficiently convinced enough to award any guest the prize money.

Executive Field Producer Craig Herbert is tasked with finding a substitute for a scheduled guest. Following a tip from his guest scout, Craig flies from Los Angeles to a small town in Tennessee. Here he is introduced to a young medium who is a complete unknown on the psychic circuit. The gushing reports from her enthusiastic acquaintances convince Craig that while this Betty Ann Crawford may not be a social influencer or even boast media recognition, she is still the kind of charlatan that both Gerald Agee and fans of the Debunker’s Challenge enjoy seeing humiliated.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Craig learns that a former guest of the show has disappeared without explanation. It is at this time he also starts to experience disturbing visions about his own missing younger brother. He credits these visions to a psychological reaction to insinuations which Betty Ann Crawford made while he interviewed her. Self-reproach for his own suggestibility combined with growing resentment for the attractive medium. Craig’s waking and dreaming thoughts turn to the desire to see Betty Ann’s bogus abilities exposed during filming her challenges.

Craig is a professional, however; he is determined to suppress his emotions with reason and conduct himself accordingly. But very soon, he is confronted with the reality of a menacing agent that works in the shadows, one that has used the Debunker’s Challenge to carry out an agenda of evil darker than anyone could have imagined.

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