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Author Cameron Deakin Moon

About the Author

I was home-schooled by my mom (also an author, Clarrissa Lee Moon), I am attending college now. I enjoy martial arts, swimming- anything physical actually. My dream is to either have a traditional home in Japan and open my own Dojo or maybe try my hand at being a Bounty Hunter or a Body-guard someday. My family encourages me to strive to be the best at anything I want to be and I still have a lot of time to figure that out. Right now, writing and college seems to be the thing to do now, so we will see what the future will bring later on.

Masters of the Skies 200x300.jpg

Masters of the Skies


Author: Cameron Deiken Moon

Print ISBN: 9781629891026

E-Book ISBN:9781629891033

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date 06/15/2014


Tokyo, Japan. Site of historical battles that far outshine even the most extraordinary legends known to man. It's people go about their daily lives telling legends of its most noble warriors: The Samurai and the stealthy assassins that rose against them: The Ninja. Never knowing that the ancient order of Ninja still thrives in the shadow's of it's cities. But now, the tables have been turned and these three exceptional Ninja battle enemy forces that strike from the shadows and disappear without a trace. Join me, as I tell you the story of how these three young Ninja spiral with the world, toward a battle that will shake the very pillars of Heaven and even if you forget all else. Remember this: Times may have changed, but the battlefield always stays the same. As do the stakes. 

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