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Author Cheryl Peña

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About the Author


Cheryl Peña was born in San Antonio, Texas to a Hispanic-American father and British-American mother.  She developed an early interest in art and language, winning first place in the National Language Arts Olympiad when she was eleven years old.  She studied art and photography at the University of Texas – San Antonio, graduating with honors in 2000.  Upon the death of her twin sister in 2014, she decided to write professionally in her sister's honor.  Her first novella, a suspense thriller titled The House of Wynne Lift, was published in 2021 and won the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.  Descent of the Vile is her first novel.

The House of Wynne Lift


Author: Cheryl Peña

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086530

eBook ISBN: 9781955086547

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 8/2/21

Literary Titan Gold Book Award.png

Professor Foster Livingston and reporter Peter Wylie join forces in New York, but they are at odds with each other from the start. Despite frequent arguments, they journey through the wilderness to find wealthy recluse, Wynne Lift, missing from society for two decades. Intrigued with his story, they follow reports of Lift’s whereabouts in a cave in the desert, but what they find is far from what they expect. Inside, they must match wits with Lift and try to unravel a mystery twenty years in the making.

Descent of the Vile


Author: Cheryl Peña

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336984

eBook ISBN: 9781958336991

Genre: Dark Science Fiction

Release Date 12/20/2022

Photographer Jackson Riley is annoyed. He gets called to an unusual job where he's given few details, and the client doesn't seem to understand the time involved in taking large format photographs, which they specifically requested. Even worse, he almost misses the shuttle bus taking him back to his vehicle. But that's when his entire life changes.

He barely escapes horrifying peril on the shuttle and races away in his car, only to rescue an enigmatic woman named Nadine who barely speaks to him. In doing so, he wonders what strange new terrors he's discovered. Seeking to uncover the answer to the mystery, he drives away from the city and hopes to outrun any danger while also keeping his new companion safe. Eventually, however, he is no longer sure that running for the rest of his life is enough. To end the threat, he thinks he may have to return to the starting point but wonders if Nadine is too traumatized to face it again. Facing the choice of what to do with the mysterious woman he supposedly rescued, he must decide if he will protect her at all costs or if he will put her at risk to save the last of humanity.

Descent of the Vile Audio.jpg

The Blood Hotel

Descent of the Vile Book 2

Author: Cheryl Peña

Hardback ISBN: 9798390858950

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076502

eBook ISBN: 9781960076502

Genre: Dark Science Fiction

Release Date 5/1/2023

Jackson Riley had settled comfortably on the coast with Nadine Dardenne after the end of the world. But one day, five years later, they observe a light in the sky, something unusual in their new darkened reality. After a failed attempt to destroy the threatening object, they find themselves face-to-face with a familiar foe. Once again fleeing for their lives, they must decide how to fight the enemy while no longer possessing any modern technology at their disposal. With few allies, they set out to hide, hoping to remain safe until they devise a new strategy. However, the enemy has changed tactics and they wonder how they can rid themselves of their nemesis forever.

The Blood Hotel Audio.jpg

The Chimera Gambit

Author: Cheryl Peña

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260085

eBook ISBN: 9798891260092

Genre: Dark Science Fiction

Release Date 7/17/2023

Carlos Nava is at a crossroads. His life is one long series of career moves meant to further him up the ladder at the International Agency for Space Exploration. But then a new threat looms from the B'Noth, an elusive culture that attacks Earth's ships out of system. An IASE ship goes missing, last seen near Pluto. The fleet blames the B'Noth, thinking they've made an incursion into Sol, but soon questions arise surrounding the ship's disappearance. Nava commandeers a cargo vessel to investigate, heading out to Pluto and away from his comfortable life. However, as evidence mounts, he begins to wonder if it is really the B'Noth, or something far more ominous.

The Chimera Gambit Audio.jpg
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