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Author Debbie Kump

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About the Author


After graduating from Cornell University with degrees in Biology and Education, Debbie Kump taught middle and high school science in Maui, Seattle, and the Twin Cities and worked as a marine naturalist aboard a whale watch and snorkel cruise. Debbie lives in Minnesota with her husband, two sons, and three Siberian huskies. She especially enjoys writing early each morning; teaching; coaching youth soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball; and dogsledding her kids to school.

For more information, please visit her website:

Science Fiction



Author: Debbie Kump

Print ISBN: 9781937085728

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085711

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 8/1/2011

In the near future, Smartphones will be obsolete. Instead, technological innovations provide virtual computer screens for texting, surfing the Internet, or reading an ebook on lenses worn directly over the eye. With the upcoming conversion to 7G Network allowing instantaneous optical and audio recording, limitless military and civilian applications abound. Yet an unexpected programming glitch proves fatal, spelling disaster for the nation. In the aftermath of 7G, the fates of college sophomore Erik Weber and submariner Alyssa Kensington entwine. Will they escape and manage to survive in a crippled world?



Author: Debbie Kump

Print ISBN:  9781939865724

E-Book ISBN:  9781939865731

Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller

Release Date 10/01/2013

The world will never be the same for survivors Erik Weber and Alyssa Kensington after the devastating national telecommunications upgrade to 7G network claimed the lives of their families, friends, and countless others who accessed virtual computer screens through optical lenses. Within days of escaping the grisly scenes of southern Florida to find solace in a protected Caribbean cove, a fierce hurricane ravages the tiny island and destroys Erik and Alyssa’s meager supplies. Forced to seek refuge elsewhere, they soon discover the truth behind the disaster. More surprising, the damage was not as widespread as previously believed. While the nation faces the complicated tasks of coping with the catastrophe and restoring afflicted areas, Erik and Alyssa must choose to return to the nightmares of their shattered homeland or forge a new existence abroad.

Despite the national tragedy, innovative technological developments abound that will forever change how people view the world. Still, new dangers loom for individuals like Olympic skiing hopeful Graham Carruthers and pre-med student Amber Merchant. Explore the futuristic lives and challenges of a host of new characters in this exciting sequel to the apocalyptic thriller, 7G. 

The Elementals Trilogy



The Elementals Trilogy Book One

Author: Debbie Kump

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895703

eBook ISBN: 9781629895710

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 11/14/2016

It’s hard to know how long you’ve lived when you can’t remember how many times you’ve died. 

Some yearn for immortality, but seventeen-year-old Jordan Smith regards it a curse she can't escape. As an Elemental, Jordan possesses the power to endure painful, fiery deaths that transport her to another place in history. Yet her power comes at a terrible cost. She fears the combined strength of the four Elementals will threaten the fate of humanity. And she vows to prevent this from happening…even if it means she will die. 

Flung into the present, the immense force of the other Elementals again draws near. Now Jordan must choose to sacrifice her feelings for the guy she loves—or risk losing everyone she knows.



The Elementals Trilogy Book Two

Author: Debbie Kump

Paperback ISBN: 9781629897110

eBook ISBN: 9781629897127

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 06/12/2017

Guarded secrets will make Jordan question everyone she holds close to her heart. 

After a miraculous recovery from her battle against the Earth, Air, and Water Elementals, Jordan Smith seeks out the mysterious fire goddess from her dreams to better understand and control her untamed powers. At first, her training proves challenging, rigorous and unending. Yet Jordan complies, desperate to spare the ones she loves from the future wrath of the other Elementals. In order to better understand her foes, she travels through time on a series of missions, each more dangerous than the last. Focused on stretching her powers to complete her training, Jordan never suspects guarded secrets will make her question everyone she holds close to her heart.



The Elementals Trilogy Book Three

Author: Debbie Kump

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898216

eBook ISBN: 9781629898223

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 11/20/2017

The Elementals must unlock the secrets of the past to spare themselves from a new threat…or encounter their doom. 

Fire Elemental, Jordan Smith, questions whom to trust as she faces her greatest struggle of all. She must forget the pain of the past and unite with her former foes to combat the imminent threat of the Fifth Elemental who intends to eradicate life on this planet. Together, Jordan and the team of Elementals must travel into history to unravel an ancient prophecy that could potentially spare them…or spell their doom. Unexpected events will challenge Jordan’s love in ways she never imagined in the exciting conclusion to The Elementals Trilogy.

Living Among Us


Author: Debbie Kump

Paperback ISBN:  9781955086820

eBook ISBN:  9781955086837

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 9/13/2021

Ever since a childhood vacation on the Carolina coast, swimming has consumed Casey Donnelly’s energy and focus. Unlike his peers, sixteen-year-old Casey possesses an advantageous ability to read the water and find the path of least resistance. For years, he believed his ability held a logical, natural explanation, allowing him to make notable accomplishments in breaking pool records, winning recognition, and advancing his swimming career.

Yet an unlikely opponent upsets his streak and challenges his beliefs, shocking Casey with the truth behind the actual source of his success. Poised on the brink of his toughest competition, this revelation threatens to undermine years of hard work, effort, and sacrifice. More surprising, guarded secrets from his past make him question everything he once believed true. Casey’s entire perception of the world changes when he looks through a different lens and discovers there are others like him, living among us.




Author: Debbie Kump

Print ISBN: 9781937593735

E-Book ISBN: 9781937593742

Genre: Middle Grade Adventure

Release Date 12/15/2011

Thirteen-year-old Jessica Davis’ dull and average life ends abruptly when a vivid dream turns shockingly real, exposing dangerous family secrets. Flung into a world of shape-shifters, Jessica must begin training on a remote South Pacific Island. At first, homesickness seems her primary concern as she forges new friendships in this lush, tropical paradise. Yet her situation quickly deteriorates when she finds herself despised by a vengeful classmate and haunted with frightening visions of the guy she loves. While confronting these challenges, Jessica grows to realize her true potential, eventually discovering that not only has her physical appearance transformed…but also her soul.

Recommended Ages 10 - 14



Author: Debbie Kump

Print ISBN:      9781938961342

E-Book ISBN:  9781938961359

Genre: Middle Grade Suspense

Release Date 10/15/2012

As eleven-year-old Trisha Larson struggles with adjusting to a new school and accepting her mother’s latest boyfriend, she relies on her small dog named Scruffy for support and companionship. But one blustery winter night, Scruffy fails to return. Alone in the frigid darkness, she searches for her missing pet. Then the clues begin to mount. Can Trisha solve the mystery of Scruffy’s disappearance and bring him back home?

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