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Author E. G. Lander



E.G. Lander grew up in northern Minnesota on a fishing resort owned by his family, deep in the heart of a Chippewa Indian reservation. There wasn’t a television, a radio, or even a telephone for miles. E.G.’s father entertained his guests by hosting hour-long storytelling events. That’s when he decided that one day he would become a teller of stories too, and write…after college and a 35 year career with Walgreens. So that’s exactly what he did- he began his second career- the writing one.

Lander’s first work was an 87,000 word murder/mystery with a family saga backdrop called What’s in the Rear View Mirror? (Published by World Castle Publishers). It became a number 1 best seller in October 2014.

E.G. then completed his next manuscript, a 32,000 word project entitled An Email From God, a true story of how God performed miracles in his life after his beloved wife Nancy died. This is being published by Sarah Books.

The next novel was The Incredible Bucky Berrot, the story of an unbelievable little hero in the hidden woods of Western Australia. This 67,000 word fantasy is designed for readers of all ages, with lessons for everyone. It’s co-authored with E.G.’s ten-year-old grandson Connor, giving a child’s view of the Berrot world. This was published by Sarah Books, and it too became a #1 best seller in February 2015.

Then came Damn It, Wake Me Up, set in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the 118,000 word story of an All-American family that becomes unraveled when the husband (Tony) gambles away everything they have. Tony and his girlfriend decide to kill his wife for the life insurance and manipulate her medicine, leaving her in a coma. What happens to her is amazing and leads to incredible developments that sends everything spiraling towards total destruction. This was also published by World Castle Publishing and became a #1 best seller in April 2015.

E.G. lives in a small community on a river in Tennessee with his two grandbabies, Connor and Kaylee. He shares everything with them, even his stories, starting with his days on that resort in Minnesota.

What's in the Rear View Mirror 200x300.j

What's in the Rear View Mirror?


Author: E. G. Lander

Print ISBN:      9781629890920

E-Book ISBN:  9781629890937

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Release Date 05/15/2014


Amazon No 1 Bestseller.png

Steve Summers was loved by everyone in Rymont, South Carolina. He would always be there for anyone who needed help, never asking for anything in return. One unusually dark and moonless night he headed home after helping a friend fix his dock. He squinted, struggling to see the road ahead.

He was concentrating on just two things, the worn-out white line in the center of overused Route # 5, and the gorgeous looking pie sitting next to him that kept sliding his way. That was his pay for fixing the dock, a homemade pie.

He didn’t see the truck that hit him. It pushed him off the road, hurling him towards a hundred year old oak that was stretching it’s arms over the asphalt. He died instantly, eventually creating the rehashing of a fifty year old saga that would engulf the entire town of Rymont. Many thought Steve died because of the blackness that night, or even killed himself to avoid the colon cancer his doctor had detected the previous week. But Granny knew better, she knew he was about to tell a story to “clean out his guilt” of something he did when he was in high school. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that her husband did not die accidentally, or ran off the road on his own.

After she tells her grandson Billy how she feels, he agrees to try to find out what happened back in the 1950’s. He digs so deep that an unsolved murder is discovered, making him wonder if his grandpa was involved. His journey to the truth uncovers more than he expects, maybe more than his family would want discovered.

Someone driving a big green GMC truck tries to push Billy off the road and puts him in the hospital. He gets help from the Chief of Police, who digs more, getting close to the answers until he is murdered, too. By now all of Rymont has gone from a quiet dot on the map to a place where neighbors locked their doors at night for the first time. Eventually Billy gets help from an unexpected source, leading him to the real truths, both from 50 years earlier and to who is trying to kill anyone looking into those half-century old secrets. Now starts the hard part, getting the state police to believe him enough (from his hospital bed) to pursue the answers that will shock everyone.

Damn It Wake Me Up 200x300.jpg

Damn It Wake Me Up


Author: E. G. Lander

Print ISBN:     9781629892306

eBook ISBN:   9781629892313

Genre: Suspense

Release Date 04/15/2015


Amazon No 1 Bestseller.png

Tony and Mary Calley had a nine year marriage their friends and neighbors envied. They seemed like the perfect couple, living in the perfect million-dollar house with the perfect son. Tony owned a very successful investment firm and Mary was a main figure in the town’s tennis and parties high- society set. To everyone that knew them, the Calleys were the symbol of wealth and the receivers of the “American Dream”. Yes, they had a life that most of the world would think could never become unraveled. But it did!

Tony was a bigtime gambler. He couldn’t hold onto the millions that came in the front door of Burns and Calley Investment. He would bet thousands, or even hundreds of thousands on a single race every day, either from his bookie and or his laptop. He had three mortgages on his house Mary knew nothing about, as he bought the house in his name only, “to use as a work write-off”. She believed him until her credit cards started getting rejected and their bank president contacted her about an overdraft. After confronting Tony on the shortage in their account, he told her it must be a mistake and took care of it by illegally getting a work loan without his partner’s okay.

While they were putting on their “we’re very rich show” for the rest of Nashville, they were struggling to pay their bills. Mary threatened Tony with divorce and he promised to stop betting. His secretary retired and in his hunt to replace her, he ends hiring probably the world’s most beautiful redhead. Soon, his financial woes become minor as he starts a relationship with his new girl Friday. He starts working later and later as they use the office as their personal “playpen”. They decide they have to eliminate Mary, and at the same time eliminate all his bills. Tony increases Mary’s life insurance and they cook up a scheme to kill her, which eventually puts her in a coma. Everything seems to be following their script until an unbelievable event takes place. Does Mary have any knowledge of their plans, or even survive the coma? The answer will amaze you. The ending will knock you out.

Warning: don’t try any of this at home. It may be deadly!

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