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Author Fallon O'Neill

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About the Author


Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at a young age, Fallon O’Neill has been writing since his sophomore year of high school. These scribblings and vignettes would eventually become the earliest drafts of his debut novel, Geist: Prelude. Dedicated and passionate, Fallon has worked his novels with the Blue Moon Writer’s Group for over seven years, culminating in winning second place at the Will Albrecht Young Writers Competition of 2012, and publication in the eighth issue of the Blue Moon Art And Literary Review. His favorite pastimes include grabbing a beer (or four) at the local bar, blasting soundtracks into his skull, and watching German movies from the ‘20s to keep the existential dread at bay.

Geist: Prelude


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899961

eBook ISBN: 9781629899978

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 09/24/2018

Midway through the dull, grey journey of college, Victor Roland, a high-functioning autistic, is dragged into his own world of sword and steam. Here, the year is 1884, by Imperial reckoning. 

In the shadows of its cathedrals, a series of grisly murders sweep the metropolis of Holy Gothica. Soon after his descent, Victor learns of portals in televisions, where daemons lurk in an abyss shrouded in fog, and emerge when blackouts wrack the city. But when he discovers that his friends from “reality” — Charles Garner, a middle-aged “connoisseur of cannabis,” and, Beatrice Morrison, a biker with a goth streak — are trapped in here, Victor resolves to find them, lest they wind up kidnapped by, “the Dollmaker,” and slaughtered behind the screens. 

Fortunately, Victor awakens to the power of Geist — to summon a living facet of his own psyche, to battle the evil born of everyone’s souls. A power that earns him a chance to find his dear friends, and perhaps even a way home … 

Whimsical, humorous yet terrifying, Geist: Prelude will hold readers long into the night, and pave the road for a series of dark fantasy and gothic dystopia.

Geist Prelude Audio.jpg

Geist: Intermezzo


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Hardback ISBN: 9781950890613

Paperback ISBN:  9781950890620

eBook ISBN:  9781950890637

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 10/28/2019


Sir Hector Thaddeus was once an agent for Her Holiness’s Inquisition. Driven by fanaticism and piety, he carried out many crusades in the name of the Third Gothic Imperium.

Until, he was excommunicated for a sin expunged from the Imperial records. Stripped of all prestige, Thaddeus is trapped in a city once familiar, now foreign. However, one unsolved case still feeds on his conscience—a series of grisly murders committed by “the Dollmaker.”

Now, his duty lies with Victor Roland, once a prisoner, now his only friend and ally.

A man of Earth, lost in this distant world of blood and diesel.

Victor’s journey continues with Thaddeus by his side. Beyond the steeples and slums of Holy Gothica, the investigation takes them into the wasteland realm of an infamous terrorist cell.

Meanwhile, a shadow of Thaddeus’s past moves in the dark, crying out for vengeance…

This is the second installment of Geist trilogy. As a tale of mystery and murderous rebellion, it will take you alongside Victor and Thaddeus on their grim odyssey to justice.

However, be warned. The conclusion that you draw may not be the full truth.

Geist Intermezzo Audio.jpg

Geist: Scherzo


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Hardback ISBN: 9781956788136

Paperback ISBN:  9781956788143

eBook ISBN:  9781956788150

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 11/15/2021



The investigation grinds to a halt. Wracked by depression, Victor Roland takes to the bottle, finding solace only in Yuko, a caring yet troubled courtesan. However, “the Dollmaker” still haunts the red-light district of Yoshiwara, waiting to strike again.

For over a month, Victor struggled to survive in Holy Gothic, navigating its labyrinth of fascism and faith, fighting alongside the Inquisition, and braving the Inferno itself. Now, his resolve is pushed to its breaking point.

As the clock ticks toward the grave, happy hour is tainted by a pile-up of corpses. Young love stands on a razor’s edge. Old allies cast new suspicions, while those closest to Victor are most at risk. The Dollmaker’s malice is rivaled only by his own desperation. And yet, every killer has an identity if only one knows where to look….

This is the third book in the Geist series. Follow Victor as he descends to abysmal depths to protect his loved one and faces his bleakest ordeal yet.

Geist Scherzo Audio.jpg

Geist: Allegro


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Hardback ISBN: 9798391937340

Paperback ISBN:  9781960076564

eBook ISBN:  9781960076571

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 5/29/2023



The gears of revolution turn once more. Striking from the slums of Holy Gothica, the Powder Kegs have stolen a set of battleplans from the Imperium, offering themselves as pawns in a far greater scheme. The rebel leader, Goro Ludwig, follows orders from the Entente of Free Peoples, a rival power bent on toppling the Imperium’s tyrannical rule.

Meanwhile, Victor Roland languishes in a life devoid of purpose. It has been a month since the Dollmaker’s death. Addled by grief and guilt, he wastes his days drinking at the Sunset Pagoda, mulling over the implications of taking a human life, as the Imperium mobilizes for war. Only the initiative of his friends stir him to a cause he partly cares about.

Joining the Powder Kegs, Victor agrees to deliver the data plans to the Entente. If he fails, the free world will be reduced to ash and brimstone. For the Imperium’s secret weapon is nothing short of evil he’s long fought—the very daemons of the Inferno….

This is the fourth book of the Geist series. Join Victor in his race against time, as he trudges across wastelands and war zones, in a wider world on the brink of war.

Geist Allegro Audio.jpg

Geist: Requiem


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Hardback ISBN: 9798891261679

Paperback ISBN:  9798891261686

eBook ISBN:  9798891261693

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 5/7/2024


Victor Roland is dead. A world at war is ending. Old friends are estranged and nations collapse in crisis. Charles Garner, an aging hipster, wanders the land alone in pursuit of meaning and hope when he learns of a way to resurrect the Far Messiah—in a shadowed temple beneath the kingdom with a bloodstained history. Perplexed by this riddle, Charles strives to reunite his companions in a desperate attempt to halt the End of All Things.

Meanwhile, Empress Johanna d’Gothica leads a campaign against the Kingdom of Lumiere to coalesce forces domestic and foreign against an existential threat—the fiend, Amadeus. He commands the Mannequin Legion and the daemonic hosts of the Inferno, leaving scorched earth in his wake. He seeks the power of the Machine, a legendary device laying dormant beneath the foundations of Holy Gothica, to usher the apocalypse and remake the earth in his own nihilistic image. And yet, Victor nominally exists through this monstrosity, his inner self and repressed emotions given flesh and form. Amadeus fears this humanity—something that Charles must exploit in order to bring his dear friend back from a liminal purgatory….

This is the fifth book of the Geist series. Join the remnants of Victor’s fellowship as the Hundred Years’ War rages on, as they search for a future in a world of ruin.

Geist Requiem Audio.jpg
Geist Furioso 1800x2700.jpg

Geist: Furioso


Author: Fallon O'Neill

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN: 

Genre: Cyberpunk/Dark Fantasy

Release Date to be determined



It is written. In three days’ time, the moon will collide with Holy Gothica and annihilate its many inhabitants—and the world with it. Only the Far Messiah stands between everything he holds dear and the flame. Who, you may ask, is this mighty savior capable of inspiring nations and preventing the apocalypse? The truth resides in no hero at all, but an autistic savant long since dragged into his own dark, gothic world. Resurrected from the darkest depths of despair, Victor Roland is this final hope incarnate.


As the Imperium launches a full-scale invasion against the Entente of Free Peoples, the company’s journey will take them north to the Principality of Tolstoff. The road is frostbitten and perilous, harrowed by the waxing threat of the moon’s descent, as men and orks wage war in the wake of the End of All Things. Only with a repurposed warhead, the URUK, does Victor have a fighting chance to reach the moon and prevent the extinction of humanity. And yet, he is haunted by regret and the wraiths of those he could not save. His deceased lover, Yuko, has accepted her role as herald of the End Times, embracing a misanthropic “truth” that the world at war is beyond saving. From a lunar throne, she seeks to counter Victor’s every move with the hosts of hell with his own daemon, Amadeus, as her champion and lieutenant.


This is the sixth and final book in the Geist series. Will Victor rise from the ashes of failures past and reach his apotheosis of potential? Or will he collapse under the weight of grief and let the world suffer the terminal consequences? Regardless, the journey approaches its end.

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