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Author Frances Applequist

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About the Author


Frances Applequist, author of the supernatural thriller, Fangs, Claws, and Camouflage: Zombie Problems, and the historical fiction for young adults, Nathan Ross and the American Revolution, now brings you a contemporary and human murder mystery. Frances has led a life as diverse as her writing topics. She has been a plumbing dispatcher, a decorating-house paint mixer, an electric car raceway board operator, a law office administrative assistant, a college English instructor, and more. Her only constants have been her love for family, her obsession with writing, and her need to customize her coffee. Frances’s roster of wonderfully quirky family members and friends bolsters her fascination with irrepressible characters!  

Tampering with Evidence


Author: Frances Applequist

Paperback ISBN: 9781956788709

E-Book ISBN: 9781956788716

Genre: Murder Mystery

Release Date 3/29/2022



When Kathleen MacKenna dies, she leaves her run-down estate to her best friend, Jenna Rossi--a single mother of three who has always lived a second-hand life. The forested estate includes a neglected lakeside cabin and a run-down Victorian house: both of which need extensive repairs. It also includes something omitted from the will—a hidden skeleton.

With children and loyalties to protect, Jenna tiptoes into the risky role of amateur sleuth—poking the spiderweb that connects her childhood and her mother’s friendships to shattering old tragedies.

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