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Author Gina Easton

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About the Author


Gina Easton is a writer who, after working for many years as a registered nurse, has finally decided to pursue a career as an author. She has had several short-stories accepted for publication in horror anthologies and magazines.


Black Jack is her first novel.


She adores the weird, the macabre and the magical aspects of life. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband.

Black Jack


Author: Gina Easton

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271440

eBook ISBN: 9781953271457

Genre: Horror

Release Date 12/21/2020


Set against the brooding backdrop of one of London's poorest slums Black Jack explores the mystery of Jack the Ripper. No mere mortal, but a demon masquerading as human, Jack the Ripper is intent on wreaking chaos and horror.

Only one person can stop him. Andrew Hewitt-Brown possesses the occult skills necessary to confront the demon. He decides to hunt the Ripper when his fiancée, Emma Hollander, a nurse working in Whitechapel, becomes the target of the fiend's insatiable evil.

Black Jack contains elements of magic and horror, but ultimately it is a testament to the love between two extraordinary people who must battle a great evil.

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