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Author Heather Gale

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About the Author


Heather is a Virginia resident who started writing when she was 15. She grew up in Maryland with an older sister and traveled over the U.S. while serving in the Army. Her favorite past times include writing, traveling, biking/hiking and just being near the water. She has no children, but is the proud mother of a rambunctious dog and two ornery cats. She has a Culinary Arts and Radiologic Sciences degree and currently works as a MRI Technologist at Chippenham Medical Center.

Demons in the Night


Author: Heather Gale

Print ISBN:    9781950890842

eBook ISBN:  9781950890859

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Release Date 10/21/2019

In a world split, witches, demons and humans try to coincide together. With the witch population dying, a thousand-year-old plan to rid the world of demons is set in motion with the birth of Michelle Waters and Rubeus Timmons.

Michelle Waters, her mother committing suicide shortly after her birth, was never a believer in the supernatural until a few demons crashed her graduation party. With unexpected information about her mother's death from her Aunt, Michelle decides it's time to find out what happened. Enlisting the help of her closest friend, Alyssa, she learns of a much larger world and soon finds out that she is the second pure blood demon to be born in millennia.

Rubeus Timmons, the first pure blood demon, is charged with training Michelle in demon ways. As their relationship grows, they find out of a much deeper plot that could ultimately destroy their realm and they're the only two that can save it.

Demons in the Night Resurrection


Author: Heather Gale

Print ISBN:  9781953271761 

eBook ISBN:  9781953271778

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Release Date 3/1/2021

Michelle and Rubeus are back in the second installment of Demons in the Night.

After finding out Rubeus was never dead, he and Michelle's happy reunion is cut short when they find out the destruction/reconstruction of the realms opened a rift on the far side of the demonic realm, releasing a Demon Hunter. Nerissa's true nature unfolds as she continually keeps information from them and helps the Demon Hunter use Michelle's ex-boyfriend, Aiden, to latch himself onto them.

Secrets and lies start to tear them apart as they rush to find the Demon Hunter before it finds them.

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