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Author Jacob Steven Mohr

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About the Author


Improbably, Jacob Steven Mohr has been losing himself in fantasy worlds of his own make since he was eighteen years old. A crazed (and very handsome) bard trapped in the body of a young Southern writer, Mohr has published six short stories and two novels thus far in the genres of horror and fantasy. He regards his stories as his very disobedient children, and loves them all. Daughter of Man is his second book—and his most defiant offspring to date.  

Mohr is a native North Carolinian. When he isn’t writing (or rewriting… or re-rewriting…) he can be found at one of a dozen amusement parks, cooling his heels in line for the roller coasters, or curled up in bed with a warm book and a cool beer. He’d like to thank his parents for indulging his creative side as a child, and his friends for putting up with what a total dork he can be sometimes.  

…He’d also like to thank The Academy, but they won’t return his calls.

Daughter of Man


Author: Jacob Steven Mohr

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898803

eBook ISBN: 9781629898810

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 02/26/2018

Captain Joshua Foley might be a disgrace to the royal army and a drunkard to boot, but he knew Diamanda the Berserker, a complicated woman nearly reduced to myth and rumor by even the most seasoned taletellers of Delthain. She was a warrior, a bloodthirsty killer, a monster in the eyes of men—and perhaps the only thing standing between humankind and the true monsters at our door. He was her friend, her lover, her last companion—and when she could no longer speak for herself, he became her voice in our world. Through a startling interview with an eager young student, Captain Foley relates the full story of his encounters with the Daughter of Man, even as the cosmic secret concealed within his narrative threatens to destroy him…

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