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Author James Kirst

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About the Author


James Kirst lives in the Evergreen State in a humble little abode within the forested city of Dupont. There, he earned his Master’s Degree at the University of Washington. Commuting up north to Tacoma, he has worked as a senior programmer and software development lead for almost ten years.

With a borderline obsessive interest in the paranormal, James has conducted intensive study into the subject. To that end, he has visited some of the most haunted places in the United States including Salem, the LaLaurie Mansion of New Orleans, and his personal favorite, the Shanghai Tunnels of Portland, Oregon.

As an avid fan of mystery both in fiction and in real life, he has done extensive research into police procedurals, the machinations of detective work, and life as a private investigator.

A big sports fan, James is sure to either be watching or participating in one when not writing about or educating himself in one of the aforementioned subjects. In fact, he has won multiple championships in bowling and slow pitch softball and has made several appearances as a softball All-Star where he was given the privilege of playing in Cheney Stadium. He is still seeking that elusive kickball title, however.

Ghosts are Assholes


Author: James Kirst

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812152

eBook ISBN: 9781949812169

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 11/12/2018

Ghosts are assholes. 

If I've learned nothing else from all my years being a medium, at least I know that. 

They never even thank you for helping them out. 

Sure, Raquel is beautiful. And sweet. And kind. And promised things would be different. And promised she'd thank me for helping her find peace. She's still a ghost. 

Even if I'm starting to waver a bit. Even if I'm beginning to think this isn't merely my duty. Even if I'm starting to have a genuine desire to solve the mystery of how and why she died. Even if I'm for the first time enjoying having this little curse of mine, I have to remind myself: 

Ghosts are assholes.

Magic Once Removed


Author: James Kirst

Paperback ISBN:  9781951642808

eBook ISBN: 9781951642815

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 6/29/2020

Down on his luck former police detective turned private investigator Peter Cunningham thought the beautiful Abigail Mitchell was just another crazy client. Now he’s entangled in an ancient conspiracy that dates back to the Salem Witch Trials, a far cry from the simple assault case the woman wanted him to solve.


His budding romance with the witch Abigail will have to be put aside as he travels the Pacific Northwest with estranged friend and former partner Kelly Martinez to discover who these people are and their goals.


A coin, a five-year-old case, the Malleus Maleficarum, televangelist and motivational speaker Tony O’Stein, Pope Innocent VIII, and a secret society all tie back to a tragedy from Peter’s childhood and he will need to figure out what it all means and a solution.


Though many witches live amongst us, they are also part of a secret society but their clandestine organization seems to have been discovered which has led to a new wave of persecution. Internal tensions were already high and the attacks have only exasperated the issues. Peter must expose the members of the conspiracy and thwart their nefarious plans before an even bigger tragedy strikes.

The Crumbling World


Author: James Kirst

Paperback ISBN:  9781955086448

eBook ISBN:  9781955086455

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Release Date 7/19/2021


After all, he is the strongest man in the kingdom, fearless and bold, the epitome of what it means to be a white knight. Not that he has to do it alone, not hardly, as joining him is an intrepid band of adventurers that includes his girlfriend, the dark elf Nerissa, his best friend, the white mage Alizon, the powerful wizard Strefonio, and the loveable rogue, Sanders, who insists he is not a thief. His mighty sword along with his companions' archery, sorcery, and magic served to protect the land of Evermore and serve their lord, the benevolent King Rudolph. After defeating a mighty red dragon that threatened the land, they return home to a gallant celebration. Upon hearing whispers that he is indeed the prophesized, 'Chosen One' the young man grows to believe that he and his party are capable of handling any threat.


The homecoming festivities are cut short when a messenger informs the king that the evil sorcerer Al Kahim wishes to destroy the world by making it crumble. His motivation is unknown though, which does not dissuade Lance from eagerly volunteering to discover the reasons for his nefarious plot and ultimately putting an end to it. He learns that he needs to acquire Artus’s Sword, named after the warrior legends, which is buried underneath the throne and is encased in an obsidian stone. It can only be opened with three gems in the possession of the descendants of the so-called keepers that reside in various towns and cities across the globe.

Yet the keeper’s tasks are unlike any they've encountered before. The end of a blade, the tip of an arrow, and a well-placed fireball are inadequate to meet the challenges they face. With each subsequent failure, the very fabric of reality begins to crumble, but even more unsettling, his companions start to act in a manner unbecoming of heroes. Yet, he must persevere, learn the reasons behind all that is happening, and find a way to overcome it all lest the consequences for doing any less will be catastrophic. In this coming of age fantasy adventure, a young knight must ask himself: What happens when being the chosen one isn't enough? And what happens when the world isn’t what it appears to be?

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