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Author Joann H. Buchanan

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About the Author


Joann H. Buchanan was raised in a Military family and at the age of 19, followed in her father's footsteps and joined the Navy. She went to college at OPSU in Oklahoma majoring in CIS however the love of writing made her ultimately come back to it. 

Over time, Joann had completed many books and writings. She placed them on her desk. One day a fire started and engulfed everything. It literally took and turned her house into ashes. The only thing left was a paper copy of a novel she had written and some disks filled with short stories and notes. They were all untouched. This event made Joann take notice. She took this as a sign that she was going to be an author. Shine is her 4th book. She lovingly dedicates it to her 5 Children and her husband, John. They live happily in a nice house in the middle of America with her menagerie of pet dogs.

I Am Wolf


The Children of Nox Series Book 1

Author: Joann H. Buchanan

Paperback ISBN: 9781937593803

eBook ISBN: 9781937593810

Genre: YA Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 01/12/2012

Angel, hero, monster, devil--we all become what we really are. I Am Wolf --The journey of a boy about to become a man who inherits his ancestors gift and must learn the right way to use it. He falls in love with Alaynee and begins to feel like he is normal again. When their world is shattered by the kidnapping of Alaynee's little brother, Jonah breaks the cardinal rule of his gift and bites the kidnapper, creating a creature called the unnatural. This sends him and all his friends on an adventure across the states to a place in Tennessee. There they find not only must they stop the unnatural creature, but they must save Cara--the girl the creature is after. Jonah must ask himself the most important question of all, would you sacrifice yourself to save another?

The Kiss


The Children of Nox Series Book 2

Paperback ISBN: 9781938243998

eBook ISBN: 9781938961007

Genre: YA Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 08/01/2012

When you've been touched by the darkness, it leaves a mark on your soul.

Jonah and Alaynee are happily putting the past behind them. They're planning a wedding and moving forward. Great news is waiting for them and the youngling pack.

When Cathy, Alaynee's mom, finds a stranded girl in the city and brings her back. Alaynee soon discovers there's more to her then meets the eye. Cleo is a lioness whose powers over men will haunt Alaynee in more ways than one. Will Jonah and Alaynee be able to plan their happily ever after or will the evil that resides have its way?

After Dark


The Children of Nox Series Book 3

Author: Joann H. Buchanan

Paperback ISBN:  9781950890828

eBook ISBN:  9781950890835

Genre: YA Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 10/21/2019

There is no escaping the Fates.


His soul trapped in a cage, the demon known as Asmodeus has possessed Jonah's body and now calls himself Ash. Together Ash and Cleo will try to bring about the end of all life on earth.


All the pieces are in place, guided by Trinity. Gods, goddesses, and supernatural forces converge, and a clash of powers looms that will determine the fate of the world. What will come after the dark?


The thrilling conclusion of the Children of Nox Trilogy awaits you!



The H.A.L.O. Saga Book 1

Author: Joann H. Buchanan

Hardback ISBN:  9781949812626

Paperback ISBN:  9781949812633

eBook ISBN:  9781949812640

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 01/28/2019

Angels are all around us, they get drunk off espresso, wear clothes like normal human beings and yes even have families like the rest of human society. 

These were just a few of the things Elizabeth was about to learn. 

Photographer and graphic artist Elizabeth is out in the middle of the country taking pictures of a cloudy sky when she witnesses an angel descend through rays of light . Shocked, she passes out. Upon awakening, Elizabeth sees Samuel kneeling next to her calling her name with a voice so pure she's sure it isn't real. 

Samuel pops in and out of her life, confusing her as to what's real and what isn't. The two of them fall in love, sending Elizabeth on the adventure of a lifetime. Will their love be strong enough to fight against the darkness that surrounds them? 

"Captivating. That's how I felt about this book." --Alexandria Weis

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