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Author Judith Ann McDowell

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About the Author

Judith Ann McDowell is a novelist with several finished books. When not working on a manuscript, Judith and her husband like to travel to different cities such as New Orleans to talk with people about voodoo and talk with those who have experienced firsthand true hauntings.

Judith is the mother of four grown sons, Guy, David, Rhett and Nick, and lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Darrell and their two Pekingese Chi and Tai and three cats Isis, Lacy and Keefer.

Judith is at present working on her next novel.



Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN: 9781955086035

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086042

Genre: Horror

Release Date 5/3/2021

Jonathan Hindel has a dark secret.

Although his beautiful Angelia has been dead for centuries, his love for her has never died. With the help of a voodoo priestess, young girls in the bayous are brought forth to house Angelia's spirit, thus allowing Jonathan to still take to his bed the woman he loves.

Jonathan Hindel has another dark secret.

Will the town be able to survive it?

Rougarou Audio.jpg

Rougarou II

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:   9781955086226  

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086233

Genre: Horror

Release date 5/10/2021

A powerful vendetta is brought forth against the people of Saint Anthony Parish, Lousiana. Detectives Donavan Hays and Jack Olivier’ find themselves pitted against an evil that has walked this plane for over two centuries and who has now taken up residency in the Hindel Mansion.


Evil doesn’t forget: Especially when that evil comes in the form of a werewolf.

Rougarou II Audio.jpg

Rougarou III

The Devil's Child

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9781955086240   

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086257

Genre: Horror

Release Date 5/20/2021

Young people have been disappearing from their homes in Saint Anthony Parish, Louisiana, for years. However, now that both Jonathan and Rafael are dead and thrown into hell, there should be no more danger. Except, Lawrence Hindel is not about to forget it was Detectives Hays and Olivier' who helped make this happen.


Now the only focus on Lawrence Hindel's mind is the young son of Jack Olivier' whose fault it is that Jonathan has not been reborn back onto this plane.


Evil will always find a way to extract payment for what it believes is its just due. Especially when that evil lives in the body of a Rougarou.

Rougarou III - Audio.jpg

Rougarou IV

Shadows of the Past

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9781955086264   

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086271

Genre: Horror

Release date 5/22/2021

When the beautiful centuries-old vampire Jillianna Romanetti first lays eyes on Detective Jack Olivier’, she sees more than just his rugged good looks: She sees the face of Karleto, her gypsy lover, the man who, many years ago, turned her innocent young body into that of a woman. Now that Jillianna has, once more, found the man whose very touch never failed to leave her body weak and hungry for more, she is determined to make him her own. Unaware that in a past life his soul once lived in the body of Jillianna’s gypsy lover, Jack Olivier’ is already deeply in love and happily married to another. Jillianna Romanetti is not about to let a mere mortal stand between her and the man she loves.

Rougarou IV Audio.jpg

The Hay Fort

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:      9798462467820

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243295

Genre: Horror

Release date 8/27/2021

When teens Willie and Butch Coby stumble on some filled jars in an old abandoned bus, they have no idea what they are inviting by taking the jars away. Not until their biology teacher checks out what the jars contain do they begin to realize some adventures can cost you your life or, worse, turn that life into a living nightmare.


Let all who know the name of the beast… Give up his name, for he will not hold back his wrath against the child of the most holy.

The Hay Fort Audio.jpg

My Ghostly Lover

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9781955086349

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086356

Genre: Romance

Release date 6/21/2021

Ronnie Westerlyne, a successful model and niece of the popular actor Cory Williams, finds herself having vivid dreams of A former stuntman in her uncle’s movies. She is sure she has found the right man to call her own. But when her dream lover turns out to be a ghostly lover, reality steps in to bring her hopes of a happy life crashing down.

My Ghostly Lover - Audio.jpg

The Sons of Big Bill Holston

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9781955086424

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086431

Genre: Western

Release date 6/23/2021

Big Bill Holston raised his sons to be respectful of the womenfolk, do a day's work for a day's pay, and never, ever, let a man raise a hand to you without gettin' his ass whooped. And if you had to draw your gun, make sure it wasn't you left lying on that cold hard ground.

Down through the years, this advice served them well. Then one day, a cold-blooded killer came to town lookin' for victims to feed his lust for blood, and one by one, the people of Copper, Texas began to die.

Will the Holstons be able to stop this evil before he adds one of them to his list?

The Sons of Big Bill Holston Audio.jpg

Fated Memories

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9798535162461

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086561

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date 7/10/2021

Jessie Thornton, the beautiful only child of Eathen Thornton, one of the richest most powerful men in the state of Montana, has never heard the word “no” until she sets her sights on Two Spirits, a young Blackfeet Indian her father has hired onto the ranch to tame the wild mustangs brought down out of the hills. Jessie soon finds herself fighting an uphill battle against 1903 Montana morals and small-town bigotry in her struggle to be with the man she loves.

Fated Memories Audio.jpg

Long Ago Memories

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Print ISBN:  9798461511395

E-Book ISBN:  9781937593414

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date 8/23/2021

In her search for the truth, seventeen-year-old Tia Thornton leaves the sophisticated world of Boston to come to the wilds of Montana. Abandoned soon after her illegitimate birth by her mother, sixteen-year-old Jessy Thornton, Tia finds more than she bargained for in search of her father.

While staying with her grandmother at the Thornton ranch, she comes across a drawing of a young Indian couple drawn many years ago. To her horror, she finds herself staring into the smiling face of a man who has haunted her dreams for as long as she can remember. The young girl standing by his side is Tia’s double.

Long Ago Memories Audio.jpg

Psychic Detective

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336472

eBook ISBN: 9781958336489

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Release date 7/25/2022

Pat Lancaster is a born psychic. She has spent her life seeing ghosts and experiencing the eeriness of the paranormal. Now that she is an adult, she is using her gift to help others and to earn a lucrative living by aiding the different precincts in the city in solving their cases. The nightmares she has endured and the evilness she has felt make her determined to stop those who take pleasure in destroying others to feed their own sick appetites.

She is proud to be a Psychic Detective.

Psychic Detective Audio.jpg

Psychic Detective Cases

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Hardback ISBN: 9798398983340

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260047

eBook ISBN: 9798891260054

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Release date 7/10/2023

Pat Lancaster continues to earn her living helping the many police precincts to solve their most difficult cases.

Psychic Detective Cases Audio.jpg
A Christmas Visit 1800x2700.jpg

A Christmas Visit

Author: Judith Ann McDowell

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260979

Genre: Juvenile Holiday

Release date 10/30/23

Christmas Eve finds Santa with a sleigh filled with toys he has brought on this night for the good girls and boys. He checks all the names written down on his list to be sure on this night, not one child he will miss.

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