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Author Julie Parker

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About the Author


Julie is a long time resident of Hamilton, Ontario, where she lives with her husband of 25 years. She has two grown sons who recently left the nest. Working in a library for several years inspired her to pursue her long time love of writing.

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The Diary of Payton Wren: Stone Toucher


Author: Julie Parker

Hardback ISBN: 9781629897790

Paperback ISBN: 9781629897806

eBook ISBN: 9781629897813

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date 9/18/2017

When Logan McCullough asks Payton Wren to join him in exploring an ancient tunnel beneath his house, how could she possibly say no? Logan has been the love of Payton’s life since meeting him three years ago at her cottage in Trent, and she would gladly follow him anywhere. Or so she thought…  

Beneath the town of Trent, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, is a labyrinth of tunnels stretching not only across town, but also across time and space. When Payton and Logan finally stumble out, they find themselves to be in what resembles medieval times. As they try to find their way home, Payton discovers that she has the ability to heal with her touch. An ability much coveted by an evil lord who will risk anything to have her do his bidding. 

As the pair journey through this mysterious land they discover the power of friendship, loyalty and trust. But most of all, the power of their love.

Stone Toucher Audio.jpg

The Diary of Payton Wren: Genie and the Sandman


Author: Julie Parker

Hardback ISBN: 9781629898773

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898780

eBook ISBN: 9781629898797

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date 02/26/2018

After an exhausting journey through an alternate dimension, Payton Wren and Logan McCullough thought they had finally reached home, only to discover three glowing moons shining down on them from the sky. Though this new world is almost identical to their own, the pair make the decision to flee and re-enter the labyrinth of tunnels. Before they make their escape, Logan’s mother discovers them.

In this world, unlike their own, Logan’s mother has not left her family. Logan decides to remain and find out what went wrong, much to the dismay of Payton, who is anxious to leave. Payton learns she has the ability to grant wishes. Federal agents, who will do anything to obtain the secret of the well, covet her gift.

When the pair is only one wish away from returning to their own world, tragic, unforeseen events land them in a new dimension where Payton has the ability to enter other’s dreams. A gift that may rescue them from a fate worse than death.

Genie and the Sandman Audio.jpg

The Diary of Payton Wren: Frosted Flames


Author: Julie Parker

Hardback ISBN: 9798322229919

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261921

eBook ISBN: 9798891261938

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date 5/14/2024

Payton and Logan fear they’re doomed forever to wander the winding, endless labyrinth leading them to alternate worlds. The prehistoric realm they encounter is filled with unforgiving and unpredictable dangers, and also something quite unexpected… hope.

They discover a friend and a foe, though at times, it’s hard to differentiate the two. Both hold secrets and perhaps the promise of the way home.

Forced to rely on Payton’s gifts and Logan’s fighting skills, they maneuver through terrible trials and a web of lies. After a heartbreaking betrayal, the pair must make a leap of faith which they can only hope will finally see their nightmare come to an end.

Frosted Flames Audio.jpg

Nip it in the Blood


Author: Julie Parker

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086714

eBook ISBN: 9781955086721

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 10/11/2021


Thirteen-year-old Kitrina Bancroft comes from a long line of hunters who destroy monsters. Her ancestral home, located on the outskirts of a small town, was built at the pinnacle of where fears manifest into being. Inside the manor, the hidden staircases, secret passageways, trap doors, and the labyrinth behind the walls and beneath the floors contain the threats until they’re vanquished. But sometimes, things escape.


Kit’s parents go missing. She soon discovers monsters sometimes hide in plain sight, and it will take the combined efforts of Kit with her younger sister Jem and undying trust in their hunter bloodline to keep a blissfully unaware town safe from destruction.

Altered State


Author: Julie Parker

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271556

eBook ISBN:  9781953271563

Genre: YA Sci-Fi Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 01/18/2021



Life as a ghost is an adjustment for Casa--one of six teens chosen for an experimental project. Her body rests deep inside the mountains surrounding her small town, awaiting the day a cure is discovered for her condition.

Suspicions surrounding the project arise, forcing Casa to uncover hard, uncomfortable truths behind the science. She soon discovers that bodies aren’t the only thing buried in the mountains, and the cost of cures might be the existence of the human race.

Altered State Audio.jpg

Send Me an Angel


Hardback ISBN: 9781629899749

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899756

eBook ISBN: 9781629899763

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Release Date 8/20/2018


Ella thought having a man wearing a parachute crash into her was her biggest problem, but that was only the beginning. Secret x-wives, old boyfriends, children—expected and unexpected—and intrusive relatives, make for an unforgettable summer for the young widowed mother.


Gabriel is a handsome, sophisticated, world-renowned author. He is attempting to hide out at a quiet lake located just miles from the small town of Caverly, but an unexpected encounter with a beautiful young widow leaves him instantly captivated. Gabriel displays a brave, auspicious face to the world, but is concealing more than his own share of secrets.  

Being widowed has made Ella wary of relationships with men, at least the grown-up ones. But thanks to her little boy Calvin, Ella is thrown into one crazy situation after another with a man she wants very much to avoid. When her two cousins arrive in town—carrying more than their usual share of baggage—Ella sees her quiet, predictable life turned into a fiasco by screaming hormones, unrelenting love, jealously and deceit. It becomes apparent that Caverly isn’t an isolated or small enough place for her to conceal a deep dark secret that threatens to reveal itself at every turn.

When She wasn't Looking


Author: Julie Parker

Paperback ISBN: 9781072941507

eBook ISBN: 9781950890217

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date 6/24/2019


Talia Hilson wanted to rush back to the city after finding a grow-op in the woods near her family’s cottage. But when she meets the dashing care-taker, Devon Marlowe, she has a change of heart. Though Talia risks her own safety when she decides to write a crime novel about Devon’s illicit deeds, she is unprepared to risk her loved ones when they suddenly come to town. Keeping Devon and his unfavorable associates away from her family is a difficult task involving extensive creativity. A nosy, over-protective sister and the arrival of an ex-flame add to the calamity. Despite everything, is the unexpected attraction Talia feels for Devon. After all, he couldn't possibly grant her the happily ever after she dreams of. Or could he?

Champion of the Heart


Author: Julie Parker

Paperback ISBN:  9781951642976

eBook ISBN:  9781951642983

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date 08/03/2020


Amidst the ruins of ancient standing stones, Gemma dances to the beat of her own mystical drums. While swaying against the encumbrance of life’s trials, left alone, she dances, wondering if she is, indeed, alone to fend for herself. But out of the darkness, a warrior larger than life, shows himself to her fleetingly.


Lord Tristan de Bohon, King Edward's champion, is a proud, virile man who fought his way through the ranks, fought for his men's respect and fought his way into Haddon Castle. He will now face the greatest fight of his life. In order to do so, he will lose... lose his heart, his soul, to the beautiful maiden who invades his thoughts, his dreams, whose very being invades his own life's blood.


While Gemma’s heart cries out to her dashing hero, a fierce obstacle clashes onto the scene. A traitor strives to take the beauty, cloak her into his madness and betrayal... as he betrayed her mother. Deceit and treachery will force the lovers apart. And yet, another enters the scene to battle the monster's insanity while learning a startling secret of his own...

Defying the Dragon


Author: Julie Parker

Hardback ISBN: 9798401212771

Paperback ISBN:  9781956788525

eBook ISBN:  9781956788532

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date 2/14/2022


Resigned to the fate of marrying her childhood sweetheart, Melanie Worth is wary but also secretly thrilled when an unrivaled warrior, Jamie de Brock, displays interest in her during a tournament. Betrothed to Merick de Balan, the second son of a prominent neighboring estate, Melanie longs to wed with a man who does not require constant rescuing. But when the warrior she admires from afar decides to steal her for himself, Melanie finds that she is the one who needs rescuing.

Merick might be lacking in strength but is not lacking in pride. He has seen the hot glances his betrothed has been exchanging with Jamie de Brock—the Dragon—and it does not overly surprise him when the two run off together. But after Merick learns his sweet, naive Melanie was no willing companion of the man, he must train to become a warrior, as formidable as Dragon, to win her back.

A disguised Merick deceptively integrates himself into Dragon’s castle and is trained by none other than the legendary de Brock—the very man he has vowed to challenge. The two forge an unlikely bond while Merick and Melanie secretly plot and plan a way to escape. The reunited couple engages in a dance of deception, with each move bringing them closer and closer to a daring finish. Unbeknownst to them is the fact they have greatly underestimated their opponent. For Dragon, too, plays a game—one that he is determined to win at any cost.

Defying the Dragon Audio.jpg

Ghost Audit


Author: Julie Parker

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260641

eBook ISBN:  9798891260658

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 10/16/2023

Phoebe Marshall, ghost hunter extraordinaire, isn’t thrilled when she must bring along a government auditor to her next job. It doesn’t help that he’s incredibly handsome and shows nothing but disbelief in her line of work.

Pete Tarland wants Phoebe to justify all those ghostly write-offs she’s listed on her income tax and insists on seeing her in action. Everything about Phoebe intrigues him. What better way to get to know her than spending the week before Halloween together in a so-called haunted house?

Miles from the city in a cozy town is a huge old house with a trio of stubborn ghosts, a hundred-year-old murder mystery, and a sinister presence lurking in the shadows. Hardly the place for romance to become anything more than a fleeting hope between the unlikely pair.

Or is it?

Ghost Audit Audio.jpg
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