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Author Karen Fuller

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Karen Fuller is an award-winning and accomplished multi-genre author with over 30 novels and numerous screenplays to her credit. A graduate of Pensacola State College with an Associate of Arts degree in Business Management, Karen has turned her creative passion into a successful writing career spanning over two decades.

Born in Alabama, Karen began writing at a young age, inspired by her voracious reading habit. After starting a family, she devoted herself to raising her children while continuing to write in her free time. In 2011, Karen took her entrepreneurial spirit further by founding her own publishing press, World Castle Publishing, to provide support and guidance to aspiring authors.

When not crafting intricately woven plotlines brimming with multidimensional characters, Karen enjoys traveling the country to meet her loyal readers at book events. She also loves experiencing the outdoors while camping and watching auto races. Married for over 40 years, Karen now splits her time between writing novels, running her business, and visiting her two grown children and young grandchildren, who provide endless inspiration.

Karen writes in a diverse range of fictional genres, effortlessly transitioning from thriller to romance, dystopian to fantasy. Her novels have received numerous accolades for capturing universal emotions and showcasing the breadth of the human experience. Driven by her imaginative spirit, there is no literary terrain Karen Fuller cannot expertly explore.

Jungalou and Riley Too 11x8.5-Amazon.jpg

Jungalou Crew and Riley Too!


Authors: Erik Daniel Shien, Melissa Davis, and Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9781955086974

Paperback ISBN: 9781955086981

E-Book ISBN: 9781955086998

Genre: Preschool Interactive Adventure

Release Date 10/1/2021


The preschool years are the fundamental foundation for our children’s learning development. By encouraging a child’s interactive participation throughout the story, your little ones will have fun learning preschool basics: colors, numbers, letters and more.

Jungalou Crew! Trunks up, let’s go! With a little bit of magic, your little ones will follow the Jungalou Crew on a new adventure where they’ll meet Riley, the surfing hippo and learn a little about being responsible while having fun.

KittyBorgs 1800x2700.jpg

Rise of the FOWL

KittyBorgs Book 1

Author: Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis & Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Children Ages 8-12 Sci-Fi Adventure

Release Date to be determined

On the planet Regulus, cats, dogs, and birds from Earth have arrived to form a new society. But when evil robotic birds Talon Feather and Grim Chaos threaten to reclaim the planet, the feline inhabitants create eight high-tech heroes - the Kittyborgs! This cybernetic cat squad, including Linux Kat-Stratacus, Mega Bolt, Chip Socket, and more, are designed to defend Regulus. However, uniting the planet's divided cats and dogs presents a difficult challenge. Can the Kittyborgs overcome betrayal within their ranks and defeat their enemies? Or will Regulus fall into the claws of the villainous FOWL agents? Find out in this thrilling sci-fi adventure about animal allies, robotic heroes, and the power of unity.

We are the Wilds

Author: Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis & Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260559

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260542

E-Book ISBN: 9798891260566

Genre: Children Ages 8-12 Family Adventure

Release Date 9/19/2023

Every Mystery starts with a seed of truth. In this story, our heroes, Pani and Omo, pride themselves on their ability to find the key to cracking any case. Pani, the older of the two detectives, is a pelican with a penchant for keeping order in the middle of chaos. Omo is a young, daredevil Peruvian seagull. The two have created an agency of private detectives called the Seed Crackers. They have recently decided to expand their practice by hiring a new sidekick seed cracker to train, Pepe, a Galapagos mockingbird. The only problem is they are all easily distracted whenever treasure hunting comes into the picture.

The Incredible Seed Crackers

A Galapagos Adventure

Author: Melissa Davis, Erik Daniel Shein & Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9781958336595

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336601

E-Book ISBN: 9781958336618

Genre: Middle-Grade Adventure

Release Date 08/16/2022

Every Mystery starts with a seed of truth. In this story, our heroes, Pani and Omo, pride themselves on their ability to find the key to cracking any case. Pani, the older of the two detectives, is a pelican with a penchant for keeping order in the middle of chaos. Omo is a young, daredevil Peruvian seagull. The two have created an agency of private detectives called the Seed Crackers. They have recently decided to expand their practice by hiring a new sidekick seed cracker to train, Pepe, a Galapagos mockingbird. The only problem is they are all easily distracted whenever treasure hunting comes into the picture.

The Incredible Seed Crackers Audio.jpg
Young Adult Romance

A Hole in Her Sky

Author: Melissa Davis, Erik Daniel Shein & Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260573

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260580

eBook ISBN: 9798891260597

Genre: YA Romance/Coming of Age

Release Date 10/24/2023

Still reeling from the loss of her twin sister, 17-year-old Maddie Tyler spends the summer with her grandmother in a sleepy country town. As she struggles with grief and abandonment, she finds hope in reconnecting with her childhood crush, Tristen. But their budding romance ignites a generations-old feud between their families. When a search for legendary treasure goes awry, Maddie must dig deep to find the will to survive. This poignant YA novel explores grief, family bonds, and discovering inner strength when faced with unimaginable loss.

A Hole in Her Sky Audio.jpg
Wickford High Series

The Revelation


Wickford High Series Book 1

Author: Karen Fuller

ISBN Print:     9781937085278

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085315

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 5/15/2011


The first day of school anywhere is never fun . . .

At first glance, Wickford High, seems like a normal Catholic School. But Vicky Phillips soon discovers that there is nothing normal about Wickford High… or its occupants… She is the new kid at a new school, and is having the absolute worst day of her life, until she meets the hot, sexy, wolf shape shifter, Luke Wolfburn. Luke makes the disaster she calls her life bearable.

Dark secrets that must be kept hidden . . .

It seems that everyone at Wickford High has their secrets. Vicky has her own secret, a secret that her mother died for. She all too soon discovers that you can't run from your past. It will always come back to haunt you... 

Furiously Tempted


Wickford High Series Book 2

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:     9781937085285

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085322

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 5/15/2011

Betrayed by one of her peers . . .

Vicky Phillips almost lost her life due to a purposefully vicious betrayal by one of her peers.  The time has come for her to face her past and face her peers with the truth.  She now needs her boyfriend, Luke Wolfburn, more than ever.

Evil walks the halls of Wickford High . . .

Temptation is everywhere.  It would be all to easy to take the wrong path.  Is she strong enough to resist the temptation?  All the betrayal may leave her Furiously Tempted . . .



5 Star Review from Forbidden Passions Book Reviews



Wickford High Series Book 3

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:      9781938243479

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243486

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 6/15/2012

Vicky Phillips faces challenges that will test her faith in family and morality.

A family member that she thought was dead comes back into her life. With his return, he reveals the family’s darkest secrets—a blood sister—another white witch, and her worst enemy. This revelation has her questioning her faith in her dad. He also reveals that she and her sister each have soul mates and both share a legacy—a birthright. The four young adults must learn to trust one another to embrace the birthright or they all die. Mistrust and hatred run deep. Can they learn to get past the betrayal and hatred? Or, are they all doomed before they begin? Birthright. 

Something Wicca 200x300.jpg

Something Wicca


Wickford High Series Book 4

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date to be determined



Coming soon 

Young Adult Historical Romance
Sweet Rebellion Audio.jpg

Sweet Rebellion


Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:    9781939865243

E-Book ISBN: 9781939865250

Release Date 05/01/2013

YA Historical Romance

“I am a man of my word. You shall still have your event. You can dance with every beau there, if that is your wish.”

I nodded sadly. “We will see how things play out, Mister March. If your son returns and still bears hatred for me I’ll not wed him, honor or no.” I lifted my chin, my eyes meeting his boldly. “I’ll not live in a loveless marriage, Mister March. I will live out my days as a penniless spinster before I succumb to that.”

The year is 1860 and in the South life isn’t easy. Sixteen year old Bree Montgomery is finding out firsthand how difficult it can be. She had the same dreams that most young women had; to fall in love and be whisked off her feet by her Prince Charming. But the sweet passionate dreams of night can turn into the harsh nightmares of reality in the light of day. Her hand in marriage has been promised by her father to the one young man who despises her most, Gabriel March.

While the country’s fate is wrapped in the turmoil of a brooding Civil War, a battle of wills is being fought as two stubborn personalities collide. In the heat of an argument a stolen passionate kiss leads to a truce and sparks a flame in Bree’s heart. In an era where propriety and reputation for a young woman are everything, Bree is torn between doing what’s proper and following her heart. Sweet Rebellion.

A Forever Home for the Holidays


Authors: Melissa Davis, Karen Fuller & Erik Daniel Shein

Hardback ISBN: 9781953271150

Paperback ISBN: 97819532711167

E-Book ISBN: 97819532711174

Genre: YA Family Inspirational

Release Date 9/29/2020

Emma Miller has lost everything. At the tender age of thirteen, a tragic accident took her parents and her beloved dog from her. Now stuck in the foster care system, Emma is in foreign territory. Her experience so far has her wanting to run away.

However, love can come from unexpected places; she only has to open her heart to find it. When presented a Christmas miracle, Emma holds on to it for all she’s worth, but will it be enough?

A Forever Home for the Holidays is a heart touching, emotional roller coaster ride about a young girl’s journey to find herself.

The Occult Accords Triolgy
Hybrid in the Shaows 1800x2700.jpg

Hybrid in the Shadows

The Occult Accords Trilogy Book 1

Author: Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Release Date to be determined

18-year-old vampire-witch-werewolf hybrid Ambrosia Nocturne lives in secret, shunned by all factions after the bloody Occult War that decimated the vampire, werewolf, and witch populations. When tensions boil over, and she witnesses a vampire attack a werewolf in neutral territory, Ambrosia knows she must act before more blood is shed. As the only hybrid, she may be the only one capable of negotiating peace, but revealing herself is dangerous.

Hybrid in the Light 1800x2700.jpg

Hybrid in the Light

The Occult Accords Trilogy Book 2

Author: Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Release Date to be determined

As hybrids begin to gain tentative acceptance, deadly attacks by an extremist Human Purist group threaten to spark supernaturals' violent retaliation. Ambrosia leads negotiations to prevent outright war against humans. With her bond with Jax deepening, she is forced to contend with Vladana's vampire loyalists who see her as a traitor. Ambrosia and her allies infiltrate the Purist church to uncover and dismantle their anti-supernatural plans. But this time her own mystical origins and seat on the council may not be enough to avert catastrophe.

Hybrid Unified 1800x2700.jpg

Hybrid Unified

The Occult Accords Trilogy Book 3

Author: Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Release Date to be determined

On the cusp of hybrids gaining full equal rights, fanatical Purists detonate bombs at the Unity Ceremony, gravely wounding Ambrosia's allies. As supernaturals clamor for vengeance, Ambrosia confronts the mastermind behind the attack - a supernatural-hating senator with ties to the Purists. Ambrosia must choose between maintaining peace and protecting her people from state-sanctioned genocide. After a heart-wrenching sacrifice by an unlikely ally, Ambrosia unlocks the depths of her power and rallies a unified stand against hatred. Her greatest test will be appealing to light over darkness and proving hope can triumph over fear.

Contemporary Romance

When Isaak Lee started his career in journalism, he couldn’t afford to be choosy. Taking a job that was outside of his comfort zone was just the beginning. City bred from top to bottom, Isaak finds himself working for the Wildlife Adventure Magazine. After a while, his writing makes it clear that his wildlife experiences are limited. To prove himself to his editor, Isaak must spend some real time outdoors and write an exposition about his experience.

Isaak is sent to Vancouver to conquer his fears in the Great Bear Rainforest. When he meets with his guide at the bar, he realizes that Dani is not the male guide he expected. She is all woman from top to bottom and packed with enough wit and cynicism to knock him off his feet.

As Dani leads him through his journey of self-discovery, Isaak finds it’s a lot harder to ignore his city roots. Dani teaches him how to survive in the woods while sharing the beauty of her world with him.

Under the Aurora Sky


Authors: Melissa Davis & Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798849834931

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336687

E-Book ISBN: 9781958336694

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date 9/20/2022

Erotic Romance

Cliffside Hideaway


Author: Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260306

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260313

E-Book ISBN: 9798891260320

Genre: Billionaire Paranormal Romance/Erotica

Release Date 9/4/2023

When passionate interior designer Bella MacKenzie is hired to design a billionaire wolf shifter’s cliffside mansion belonging to Mark Laverly, their mutual attraction is undeniable. Bella had been a journalist for over a decade before changing careers. She has a knack for spotting lies, deceit, and secrets, and her senses are going off the charts—Mark is hiding something, and it’s big.

Mark is intrigued by the feisty young woman, but can he risk her safety with the dangers posed by his supernatural existence?

Cliffside Hideaway Audio.jpg
Courting the Darkness Saga

Courting the Darkness


Courting the Darkness Saga Book 1

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:     9781937085308

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085407

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Date 7/1/2011

She was wanted by everyone...

All she wanted was to be left alone, or at least that's what Desiree Dupuis thought she wanted. She was born a very powerful witch. It figures the one back fired spell she cast would make her a very wanted woman. Drake, the Vampire King, wanted her for her magic. Jason Hargrove, the witch hunter, wanted to see her burn. Caleb Jenkins, the shape-shifter, wanted to possess her. Mica Sinclair, the Rogue Vampire...Well...Mica wanted her heart.

Danger and adventure awaits...

Desiree had no trouble finding danger, suspense, lies, deceit, and most of all romance...She found love where she least expected, but at what cost? Are the risks too great?

After being tugged in four different directions, all Desiree wanted was to Court the Darkness.

Courting the Darkness Audio.jpg



Courting The Darkness Saga Book 2

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:       9781938961403

E-Book ISBN:   9781938961410

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance

Release date 10/26/12

Courting the Darkness Saga Continues…Dangerous

Sherry Lambert is a little tired of her mundane “normal” life. Other than being a witch, nothing remotely exciting ever happens to her. That is until she receives a phone call from Desiree. Suddenly she’s sucked into a lifestyle she’s never known full of excitement and danger.

Drake Bouvier is king. He has reigned as king for the last three hundred years. No one tells him no and remains healthy. Handsome, arrogant, and ruthless, he is a vampire accustomed to taking what he wants—he wants Sherry.

From the moment their eyes meet there is an attraction. Sherry’s excited to meet the hot new guy at her friend’s door until she finds out he’s a vampire. She is looking for a little excitement, but this is a little more than she bargained for. Her friend Desiree’s warning to stay away from Drake only fuels her curiosity, drawing her in despite her best intentions.

From the moment he catches her scent he knows her for who she is—his life mate. He isn’t letting anyone stand in his way, especially Desiree.

Danger and excitement comes from every corner: witch hunters, shape shifters, enemy clans, and an old prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Can Sherry resist the temptations of the flesh and promise of excitement to just walk away? Will he even let her? Will they even survive the next couple of days? — Dangerous

Dangerous Audio.jpg
Cry Wolf Series

Cry Wolf


Cry Wolf Series Book 1

Author: Karen Fuller

Hardcover ISBN: 9781629892320

Print ISBN:     9781629890784

E-Book ISBN: 9781629890791

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica

Release Date: March 28, 2014


Amanda Archer is on the fast track to success. At twenty-five she has just about everything she’s ever wanted. She has complete control of her life…until she meets Marco.

Marco De Lucia is a very influential man. Handsome, rich, and very powerful. Marco has a secret that few know about and live to tell it. He’s a wolf.


From the moment Marco steps into Amanda’s life, everything spins out of her control. Marco tells her about fate, destiny and her obligations. She was born to be his...

Marco has waited three hundred years to finally find Amanda and fulfill their destiny. He knows who she is...he just has to convince her of that.


There are others that aren’t too excited that Marco’s found his mate. Others that will stop at nothing to make sure the prophecy isn’t fulfilled...

Cry Wolf Audio.jpg



Cry Wolf Series Book 2

Author Karen Fuller

Hardcover ISBN: 9781629892191

Print ISBN:    9781629892221

eBook ISBN:  9781629892238

Genre: Erotic/Paranormal Romance

Release Date 04/01/2015

The fate of Anjelica De Lucia’s kind rests on her survival and freedom. She is the first born daughter to Marco De Lucia. His kingdom is on the cusp of the prophesied war, and the enemy has one main target―her. Her father’s solution brings her worst fear to life―a mating contract.

Giovanni Acardi is happy with his life the way it is, and the news that he’s just lost his freedom doesn’t sit well at all with him. He had big plans for his future, and being forced into taking a mate wasn’t one of them.

Angel has prophetic visions and has been dreaming of her unnamed Italian Adonis since she hit puberty, so when she opens her eyes and sees him standing there in front of her, she thinks she’s still dreaming. But when she discovers this mystery man is real, she sets out to plot her own future and thwart her father’s plans.

Giovanni knows exactly who she is, and when he discovers her deception, he’s mad as hell. And when Marco orders him to stay by her side―day and night―he’s not so sure he can control his wolf….


Giovani Audio.jpg



Cry Wolf Series Book 3

Author: Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260702

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260719

eBook ISBN: 9798891260726

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 11/14/2023

His destiny was her. Her fate was him. But love has claws...


Forced to take over a pack as their new Alpha, Nico De Lucia, has only two months to find his fated mate or risk losing his choice forever—his father will find a mate for him. But the dreams that lead him to her reveal are only fragments that make her impossible to pinpoint.

Cop Carrie Mansfield is plagued by erotic dreams of a stranger who awakens a burning desire she can't control. When Carrie is injured in the line of duty, Nico saves her life by turning her into a Lycan, but the transition doesn't go smoothly.

As rogue factions continue to threaten Nico's reign, Carrie struggles to accept her new reality and overwhelming connection to a man she barely knows. With time running out, Nico and Carrie must overcome their differences or risk losing everything.

Nico is a steamy paranormal romance that blends pulse-pounding action, magnetic attraction, and supernatural suspense. Fans of hot alpha heroes, strong heroines, and fated love won't want to miss this addictive read.


Nico Audio.jpg
Leonardo 200x300.jpg



Cry Wolf Series Book 4

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date to be determined


Coming Soon

Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 200x300.jpg

Dark Wolf: Hunted

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:     9781937085292

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085599

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Suspense

Release Date is still to be determined


A tragic beginning . . .

Nikki Rogers and her brother Seth are on the hunt.  A pack of werewolves slaughtered their parents and their coven.  Hot for revenge, they join a vigilantes group.

An unexpected love . . .

Following a trail of vicious werewolf attacks,Nikki and Seth encounter the hot and sexy Aaron Wolf, a full-blooded Navajo Indian, who harbors a deep dark secret. 

A dark secret that must be kept at all costs . . . 

Aaron only has eyes for Nikki, and vows to stop her foolishness before it gets her killed, or worse, she discovers his darkest secret . . .

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