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Author Kelly Abell

Author image Kelly Abell

About the Author


Kelly is an international bestselling author. She writes in multiple genres, including thrillers, romance, young adult and action-adventure, and promising characters with Passion, Power, and Purpose. She also spends a great deal of time helping other writers through teaching workshops and with her Writing Tips on her website. She is also a Florida Writer's Association member and has served as a judge for their statewide contests. She is available to book for appearances and workshops. Just contact her through her webpage.

When not writing, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband of 30+ years and her two college-age children when they find the time. She lives in Florida and enjoys all that living in the Sunshine State brings - boating, fishing, beaches, theme parks, and more. Her favorite pass time is reading (what a surprise!) She likes Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, and Romantic Comedy.

Stop by and visit her website for current events

The Haunting of Destiny Dove


Author: Kelly Abell

Print ISBN: 9798839358898

Print ISBN:   9781958336434

E-Book ISBN:  9781958336441

Genre: Horror

Release Date 07/18/2022

Destiny Dove is the only survivor of a tragic car crash that killed her parents and baby brother. A teen uprooted from her home, she is forced to live with her New Age Grandmother, whom she’s been taught her entire life to fear. If that’s not enough, Destiny soon discovers she has developed the family gift of being able to see and talk to ghosts, The Shade Sight, her grandmother calls it. Grams Rose will be the one person who can help her understand her haunted destiny. When Destiny meets hot hunk Jake Turner and his jealous girlfriend Amy, sparks immediately fly. Jakes sees Destiny as a new kindred spirit, while Amy sees her as a threat and is determined to ruin Destiny’s life at Blake High. But when Amy’s mother, an antiques dealer, buys Amy some old furniture, it comes with a lot more than anyone bargained for. Only Destiny stands between Amy and an ancient ghostly evil so strong it might just take the entire town of Arcadia down with it. When called upon, can Destiny forgive and draw upon her new gift to save Amy and a group of local teens from certain destruction?

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A Champion's Heart Audio.jpg

A Champion's Heart

Champion's Grove Series Book 1


Author: Kelly Abell

Hardcover ISBN: 9798891260733

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260740

eBook ISBN: 9798891260757 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date 11/6/2023

Who wouldn't want to be the owner of a world-renowned Arabian horse farm? Darbi Brennan, that's who. So, in hopes of escaping her father's demands that she follow in his footsteps, she puts an ad on nannys dot com, a desire to leave Ireland far behind singing in her heart. And it's not like she doesn't have experience taking care of children…since her mother died, she's watched over her seven brothers and sisters. She dreams of a new, exciting life in the US, and if a handsome man happens to come along, so much the better.

Then fate steps in, bringing Connie Champion into her life. Connie, also a caretaker of her brother's triplets, is looking for a way to escape her boring life on another horse farm in Brooksville, FL—one that happens to be the primary competitor of Darbi's father's farm. Both women have spent too much time caring for children they love but didn't give birth to. So, they concoct a scheme to have Darbi come to Champions Grove to care for the triplets while Connie jets off on a tour with a USO troupe. Perfect solution, right? Wrong. Darbi is left behind to deal with Connie's overbearing, yet very handsome, brother who feels the last thing he needs is a beautiful and fiery yet nosey nanny.

Bishop Champion is a dedicated horseman who raises some of the best Arabians in the world. He travels the globe building demand for his horses and a legacy for his girls. Unfortunately, it leaves him very little time to spend with his family or pursue love. It's been ten years since his wife's death, leaving him with triplets he has no idea how to care for. When Darbi Brennan breezes into his life, she brings a whirlwind of change, something Bishop is totally unprepared for. Despite his resistance, she turns on a light in his soul he thought forever dead. But will her deception be the end of a beautiful romance? When Bishop discovers her true identity, will he be able to forgive Darbi for her misrepresentations, or will love so long denied the couple be lost forever?

A Champion's Heart

Champion's Grove Series Book 2


Author: Kelly Abell

Hardcover ISBN: 9798324416836

Paperback ISBN: 9798891262072

eBook ISBN: 9798891262089

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date 6/4/2024

When Connie Champion's dream is within reach, she has to go for it, right? But leaving her family behind to go on a USO tour overseas is one big scary step. But take it she does and soon finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of long rehearsals, international travel, and the chance to sing in front of thousands of soldiers–and tour with the infamous Trevor Thornton, country music's hottest star. She's loving it! Everything seems perfect until her brother, Bishop, announces his engagement to Darbi, the nanny. After seeing them together, Connie longs to ditch her solitary life and find her own true love.

One scary step leads to another, and, in a blink, Connie goes from zero romances to two–and a shot at stardom. Sven Christensen is what every girl dreams of–a financially stable, handsome, and dependable man. Logan Richards is troubled, exciting, and a bit of a bad boy. Not to mention, she's attracted the attention of the hottest country singer to boot. When circumstances turn a bit dicey on the tour, where will Connie's loyalties fall? Who will win her heart and come to this Champion's rescue?

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