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Author Kenneth Steven

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About the Author


Kenneth Steven is a full-time and widely published Scottish writer. He’s best-known as a poet: his selected poems were published recently by Paraclete Press in the States. He’s written and presented numerous poetry-related programs for BBC Radio over the years. He’s very much a novelist and short story writer too: his novella ‘The Ice’ was first published in America and nominated for a Pushcart. ‘The Fall’ is his first published work of fantasy: it imagines an asteroid crashing in the hill country of south-west England. But it is the story that lies behind the fall of that asteroid which becomes bigger and darker all the time. and at Imagining Things on Facebook.

Author photo by Kristina Hayward.

The Fall


Author: Kenneth Steven

Hardback ISBN: 9798829227838

Print ISBN:  9781958336090

eBook ISBN:  9781958336120

Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 6/13/2022

Two British geologists are working deep underground in the hills of south-west England. They emerge to a landscape locked in ice and work out after a time that something extraordinary has taken place, that an asteroid has fallen and plunged the world into winter. But as the days progress they start to realize the asteroid’s fall was no surprise event, and their survival far from the accident they had imagined.

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