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Author Kim Acco

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About the Author


Kim Acco was born in New York City but has lived in Canada for most of her life. She is a graduate in aircraft maintenance and works full-time as an analyst for business jet operators. She studied English Literature at Concordia University in Montreal and indulged in a few creative writing courses back then. ‘The Alchemist’s Portal’ is her first novel.

Kim lives in Montreal with her daughter and their adopted Gerberian Shepsky.

The Alchemist's Portal


Author: Kim Acco

Print ISBN: 9781951642044

Print ISBN: 9781706972631    

E-Book ISBN:  9781951642051

Genre: Historical Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 11/25/2019

During the Age of Discovery, alchemists fashion a gateway from a cosmic philosopher’s stone to unite themselves with God. The experiment results in their catastrophic death and the inadvertent summoning of an evil demiurge. Centuries later, he devises a plan to forsake the world. Can Magister Will Grand and her Vatican friends stop him?

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