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Author Mary June

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About the Author


Mary Riesbol June is the mother of five children, including famed cancer researcher Carl June.  Born in 1934 during an Oklahoma dust storm, Mary spent the next forty years rearing her family, and medaled in a national poetry contest before finishing Otzi’s Curse, her first full length novel.

Otzi's Curse


Author: Mary June

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894461

eBook ISBN: 9781629894478

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Release Date 04/18/2016

Adam Barfield was an aloof neuroscientist teaching at U.C. Berkeley, California. Friendless, childless, he was known only for the clinical detachment lent both by his profession and progressive Asperger’s.  So no one could believe their eyes when nine months after a quiet Italian sabbatical, the secretive Dr. Barfield returned home with a baby boy.

Adam abruptly unveiled groundbreaking research, patenting a miraculous immune serum that revolutionized modern medicine itself. The scientific community was at his fingertips, yet marveled at Adam’s refusal to reveal the source of these godsend cures.  Presidents and World Health Organizations alike worked night and day to unravel the mystery, hoping to produce worldwide applications of his miracle cure.

However, even in the bright glare of the limelight, Dr. Barfield knew what he had done. And he knew well the inevitable curse waiting for him…

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