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Author Matt Lucas

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About the Author


MATT LUCAS writes varying forms of speculative fiction, including urban fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, and horror. He weaves these genres in an action-packed, thought-provoking manner. Teeming with fresh ideas, Matt’s broad skill set includes apocalyptic literature, sword & sorcery epics, paranormal alternate history, and even romance. Cultivating complex characters, Matt guides you into questioning the hero's motives and empathizing with the villain's tortured past. Red herrings abound as you follow twisting plots adorned with subtle hints that culminate in shocking conclusions. Each of Matt’s works serve as an allegory for faith, ultimately pointing to the world’s true and only hero, Jesus Christ.

The Shadow Gospels is the first of Matt’s novel-length works to hit the presses. However, be sure to expect more as this planned trilogy continues and other stories move from imagination to reality.

The Shadow Gospels

Author: Matt Lucas

Print ISBN: 9781956788976

E-Book ISBN: 9781956788983

Genre: Supernatural Horror/Thriller

Release Date 5/16/2022

Vatican City is ash, razed by the merciless terrorist organization ILAN and their enigmatic leader, the Crescent King. While the world is captivated by a rekindled holy war, an ancient bloodline leverages the diversion to rob the Vatican Archives of their most powerful relic. At long last, the nefarious alliance of political and supernatural forces will light Armageddon’s torch.

Just as John the Baptist preceded Jesus Christ’s First Coming as a humble preacher, so shall Michael the Archangel herald His Second Coming as a mighty guardian. A bloodline split centuries ago will collide to battle for the right to become Michael's Heir. The birth pangs promised to proclaim the end of the age have begun. As Christ elevates His protectors to oppose Satan’s demonic princes in their final, celestial conflict, a vigilante, prophetess, exorcist, and child soldier shall begin journeys 2,000 years in the making. They will stand as beacons of hope, righteous guardians, and stars shining among shadow.

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The Shadow Gospels

Fall of Man

Author: Matt Lucas

Hardback ISBN: 9798879147223

Print ISBN: 9798891261464

E-Book ISBN: 9798891261471

Genre: Supernatural Horror/Thriller

Release Date 3/5/2024

War engulfs the globe in chaos as the zealots of Pope Victor’s Roman Catholic Coalition clash with the Crescent King’s merciless caliphate, ILAN. While men plague the world with gruesome acts of terror, demonic powers lurk in the unseen realm, guiding the Kingdom of Hell’s advent with invisible hands. Ravenous evils, once concealed in shadow, begin their prowl, seeking to devour humanity with their most deceptive snare.

Entranced by power’s allure, Pope Victor’s brutal rampaging intensifies in savagery. After the Roman Catholic Coalition inflicts Armenia with heinous chemical attacks, an unlikely alliance is formed between rivals Liam Lloyd and Pascal Mencini to end Victor’s ruthless onslaught. Together with Seth Vishap, they’ll fight to unseat the Vatican’s sadistic ruler.

In Saudi Arabia, after receiving revelation from the angel, Gabriel, of a mighty weapon that will turn the tide of the war in his favor, the Crescent King sets his gaze on Africa. He commissions General Kasim Edan to avenge his past failure and claim the powerful relic in Allah’s name. Edan ventures to Ethiopia, setting him on a collision course with his grandson, Agyei Omenuko.

Meanwhile, James Clarke ventures to secluded Severnaya to join the Rosicru, an ancient secret society with the means to unveil his hidden origin and unlock his supernatural strength. Under the tutelage of their Chief Cleric, Royce Griffin, James delves into hidden arts, fortifying his vessel for battle with Hell’s army.

SG Fall of Man Audio.jpg

Chronicles of Yeshu

Fellowship of Faith

Author: Matt Lucas

Hardback ISBN: 9798372710382

Print ISBN: 9781960076168

E-Book ISBN: 9781960076175

Genre: Dark/Epic Fantasy/Horror

Release Date 02/06/2023

With the flames of his violent past scorched into his mind, Wilas battles through Orixe’s blood-soaked crucible to gain audience with the ruling Triad, a trio of demonic gods. These vicious deities control the distribution of magic, elevating the depraved to lofty heights while the rest of the continent is left to rot in squalor. At the behest of the Forgotten God, Yeshu, Wilas enters their fabled coliseum to fulfill an ancient prophecy and remind the world that the Triad isn’t the only source of power.

Wilas’ uprising rejuvenates Yeshu’s Forbidden Faith, igniting a rebellion that will engulf the continent. For centuries the Triad had strived to wipe the name of Yeshu from Orixe’s hearts and minds. Now, with each of Wilas’ victories, Yeshu’s resurgent faith ravages the Triad’s strongholds, forcing the malicious overlords to the brink. Desperate, they unleash a devious plot to ravage Yeshu’s chosen warrior’s soul with doubt and establish the Shadow Throne’s unending dominion.

Meanwhile, malevolent winds blow from the north. An ancient power stirs within the hallowed walls of Solom’s Temple. It beckons Robear Malloy to claim Orixe’s crown from his ancestor’s seat and usher in a new kingdom. When the young Duke of Hyde crosses the threshold into the arcane pyramid, he’ll incite a chain of events that will pit kingdom against kingdom, blood against blood, and gods against God.

Chronicles of Yeshu Audio.jpg
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