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Author Meg Howald

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About the Author


As a novelist and scriptwriter, Meg balances two careers – writing and teaching creative writing at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. A rich genealogy of Scottish, Slavic and Indian roots inspires Meg to infuse diversity in her psychological thrillers. No less inspiring is her passion for travel where she has lived by the hemlines of the Aegean, the Atlantic, and the Great Lakes. Meg says, “I am passionately committed to developing works with characters who become part of you and are not soon forgotten.”

Someone Died in My House


Author: Meg Howald

Hardback ISBN: 9798867359225

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261020

eBook ISBN: 9798891261037

Genre: Horror

Release Date 1/15/2024

There were sudden appearances at first that gnawed at the soul of Ben’s home, like sickening blood splatter and chards of mirrors, seductive shadows and wounded cries.  Something invaded his finely balanced lifestyle and threatened his emotional equilibrium. He knew he was at war.

Graphic novelist, Ben Needham wakes up every day braced against something in his house, something that won’t leave. He works hard to create a near-perfect life for the three of them – himself, his daughter, Annie, and their dog, da Vinci. But when these disturbances blow out of control, Ben finds a team of forensic paranormalists who perform an autopsy on Ben’s house. Together they wade into its soulless history of murder and a cataclysmic haunting that redefines where life ends, and death begins. Ben surrenders what’s left of his fragile will to free his home from its terrifying anarchist and courageously opens a door he never knew existed, always asking himself what price he'd pay for truth, justice and unforgettable love.

‘This novel distinguishes itself in the realm of psychological thrillers through its skillful integration of scientific elements with the paranormal, creating a captivating mix of suspense and mystery.’  --LITERARY TITAN

‘For those interested in a psychological thriller that expertly blends suspense with relatable characters, Someone Died in My House is a compelling choice. It’s a novel that engages the reader without overwhelming, promising a thrilling journey into the unknown.’ LITERARY TITAN

‘The reader is drawn into the depths of the enigmatic force in Ben’s house, slowly unraveling the terrifying scope of its capabilities.  -- LITERARY TITAN

‘Witness Ben's endeavours to safeguard himself, his daughter, and his companions amidst an unfolding narrative filled with gripping twists and turns.’  -- OnlineBookClub  -- Saima Rahman


‘The story is exquisitely executed, with unexpected twists. Its mastery of conveying horror elements is exceptional, delivering a thrilling experience.’  OnlineBookClub  -- Saima Rahman


‘The spine-tingling moments within the tale were thoroughly captivating and my absolute favourite. The vivid descriptions blend seamlessly with the paranormal facets, elevating the overall experience to new heights.’  --  OnlineBookClub  -- Saima Rahman

‘The book was an enthralling read, and there was nothing that I disliked. The storyline, a tapestry woven with elements of horror, history, and romance, provided a rich reading experience.’  -- OnlineBookClub  -- Saima Rahman

‘…the story captivates, intricately weaving together historical nuances with a touch of romance, creating a tapestry of emotions that resonate long after the book is finished’  -- OnlineBookClub  -- Saima Rahman

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