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Author Michael Yowell

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About the Author


Michael Yowell is an American horror writer, residing in South Carolina. His published works include the short story collection Fragments And Shards, his serial-killer-vs-reporter novel The Camera Eye, the werewolf hunter books The Dogcatcher, The Dogcatcher II: Chupacabras, and The Dogcatcher III: Werewolf Queen, his wild sea monsters trilogy Sliggers, Sligger Island, and Sligger Invasion, and the creepy chiller Ghostfield. And don't forget his Western (yes, Western!) Red Pines.



Author: Michael Yowell

Print ISBN:   9781956788808

E-Book ISBN:  9781956788815

Genre: Horror/Paranormal

Release date 4/18/2022

A group of college students visit an old mining town in Colorado to witness the phenomenon of ghost lights floating in the field. After seeing the spectral orbs dance at night, the group stumbles upon an unmarked grave and accidentally unearths a mysterious chest. When they manage to get the chest open, they release something more terrifying than any ghost lights. Something that hungers for life. Something that needs a human vessel so it can kill again.

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