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Author Mike Sullivan

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About the Author

Mike Sullivan is the author of three previous thrillers set in exotic locations. At the beginning of each novel he purposely introduces a number of characters caught up in a variety of wild, fast paced and often unsettling events which he funnels into a tightly woven plot of murder and mayhem.  He lives and writes in Albany, Oregon.

Fort Drake Island

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812770

eBook ISBN: 9781949812787

Genre: Thriller

Release Date 04/29/2019

Intense power struggles, and the dark depravity of a cool, jet-set crowd of elite Hollywood film moguls reflect shady dealings going on at Fort Drake Island. Here children are cloned to resemble movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sold into captivity eventually they turn up missing in Los Angeles. Bulldog journalist Lester Fry learns about the missing children and begins an investigation, placing himself in imminent danger. Elitists with deep pockets will kill anyone ready to expose their dark little secret to the public.

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