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Author Miles Joyner

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About the Author


A lifelong fiction writer, Miles turned to penning novels after nearly a decade editing television in the D.C. area. He has had an obsession with the effects technology has on society since being raised by a father who was a computer programmer and a mother who worked as a labor organizer. He still pursues filmmaking in between books and finds that writing in the technothriller genre only enhances that passion even more.



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Author: Miles Joyner

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Genre: Techno Thriller

Release Date to be determined

A high-profile homicide of a former ambassador's son in the nightlife district of the nation's capital gets connected to an assassination market on the dark web, turning the DC area into a battlefield over a new generation of class warfare. When the ex-diplomat, Chiedu Attah, hires an elite executive protection team headed by siblings Yemi and Karen Uzunma to guarantee his safety, the security firm realizes they are going up against a young inventive contract killer who is determined to finish off the political VIP by any means necessary.

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