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Already Fallen - eBook

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by Donny Hunt

Danielle Regan had it all: money, fame and at long last, love; until tragedy drove the reluctant rock star into exile.

Six years later, Danielle leads a lonely and nomadic life, unable to find anything that can fill the emptiness in her soul. Soon events begin to unfold that all seem to be pushing Danielle back home to the life she left behind.

Danielle will have her hands full trying to put back together the pieces of her shattered life and career in a world that has moved on without her. Adding to the pressure is the appearance of mysterious woman with ties to Danielle’s tragic past.

For too long Danielle Regan ran from her fate. Now a reckoning is coming and more than just her career hangs in the balance.

Praise for Blessed Poison

“Very captivating! I just couldn’t put it down! Every page kept me wanting for more!”

“From the very first page I was drawn into Danni’s (sic) character and her roller coaster life. .Awesome story and one I happily recommend.”

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