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Balu - eBook

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Jennifer Brian

Raven, sitting in a cracked brown leather seat of a Cessna 185, gazed through the frosted window. Before her was Denali National Park, the vast expanse of angular rocks paralleled the rise, fall, and desolate void that was her life— an insurmountable mountain range of addiction, struggles, torn relationships, jail, and abuse.

To break the cycle, Raven opted to leave her old life and toxic relationships behind to seek a new life in Alaska with a grandmother she’d never met.

Gazing at the mountains in all their glory, the plane’s engine lurched, and before she knew it, the plane carrying eight passengers was now freefalling to the Alaskan abyss. Life flashed and darted before her eyes, muffled only by the screams and screeches of impending death…then blackness.

As Raven’s eyelids fluttered open, her world had shifted. She was in a plane crash. No amount of heroin could save her now. Raven had a choice. Survive or die.

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