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Barron - A Cross to Bear Book 5 - ebook

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Barron Cross thought he’d found his mate in Caitlynn. She had come into his life when he was at a low point, and they seemed to click. But lately, he just wasn’t sure. Something about her was—off. Little things started to show up in her mannerisms and personality that were bringing out a true monster. She had to go.

Willow was raised by an Indian tribe in the mountains Barron called home. When Willow rescued Barron from a bear trap that would have maimed him for his entire immortal life, he realized this beautiful woman was his mate, and he couldn’t be happier.

Caitlynn just thought Barron was having a bad day. He couldn’t possibly mean all the nasty things he said to her. They were to be married, after all…

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